Explanation of Color Control Commands

Hi Guys, anyone explain the manual settings, i.e. if generating a rule it would like th following ( i undersxtand what they mean but how to relate this numerically)
Set Level
Set Hue
Set Saturation
Set Colour Temp (no white value)

I did look at the app but unsure so leaving it for know while i get my head around all this does

PS great app loving it all.

Hi @Steven_Littler, welcome to the community.
setColor command sends the hue:0-100, level:0-100 and saturation: 0-100, and for setColorTemperature command, the argument should be 1-30000.
Is this what you are looking for? (Sorry, I might have misunderstood what you are asking for. :sweat:)

Awesome, thanks a lot, the hue does that directly relate to colour scale and saturation is that like related to lumens. I hope this makes sense, I know how I can experiment now.

This image from the Wikipedia article on color formats might help:


Hue is the color. It’s typically expressed in degrees (0-360) but it’s usually mapped 0-100 in most SmartThings and Hubitat devices.

Saturation is like the intensity of the color.

And level is equivalent to value in the picture. It’s how bright the light is.

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@Steven_Littler, @josh is right about the hue value (and other stuff too :grinning:), you will need to convert the Hue value from 0-360 to 0-100 base.

Fantastic, I had just been playing with the numbers, and the 3 lights made sence, now armed with this image im away, thanks a lot, this app has tied all my bits together and giving me lots of fun in the process. Again thanks.

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I have just had a thought, as noticed, someone wanted warm to cold white bar, could it not also show these values saving time guessing to get the correct colour etc, Just a thought, easier when selecting colours.


Hi James, sorry I meant as you hold down the switch with a Philips ?Hue bulb you get the colour wheel, it would be nice to get the warm to cold white, but also the numbers, ie hue, sat etc so these can be input exactly/numerically on other switches. Hoping this makes sense.

@Steven_Littler, I hope you don’t mind me moving your color and temp numerical value display request post from the other thread to here since they are related here.

No worries, thanks for the help, rules etc starting to come together now.

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