How to adjust white color

I’m new here and maybe there is a trick.
I have a group of Lightify recessed can lights that are adjustable white lights from 2700 to 6000. I can use the color tile but I only get full color palette to adjust to, and cannot adjust the white level. I would like to adjust the white level as well as dimming like I can with full RGBW lights.

Any suggestions?

Hi @Greg_Cole, welcome to SharpTools and the community site. Adjusting color temperature is not currently supported in the RGBW tile at this point, but it’s on our hit list. :slight_smile:

However, you can create rules to change their white level, and add these rules to Dashboard, so you can adjust the white level from Dashboard quickly.

Here is your quick example.
Rules to set white level:

Then I added these rules in the dashboard (bottom right) for quick control.

You can, of course, add If_condition for some fancy logic in the rule depends on how you want to change the white level. Ex: touch one tile to toggle between 6000k and 2700k.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for the suggestion. I did create a rule to play around with it but I don’t have any dimming control without having a second tile. I’m a convert from Stringify / Wink on HE now and like what I see so far!


Is there still no color temperature control? That’s a pretty basic thing to control in a smart home, so I must be missing it somewhere?

Perhaps related: My Hue Color bulbs show the color tile but my Hue White Ambiance bulbs only show on/off with no ability to control color temperature…

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Thanks for the feedback, Justin.

User feedback is a key part of how we prioritize what we work on, so adding your feedback is a good step in helping us gauge the level of interest. This particular feature hasn’t received a lot of interest from the community, so it hasn’t been prioritized yet. That being said, I agree Color Temperature does feel like something that should be added so let me see if I can get it prioritized in an upcoming update.

In the meantime, the approach James mentioned with using a rule is a great workaround for adding tiles for ‘favorite’ color temperatures. It has the added benefit of being able to set multiple bulbs to the same color temperature all in one tap.

I thought I just didn’t know how to do it… I would also love color temperature control. I have many lights with it. I have rules to adjust it, but native control would be awesome

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Yes, please do. As a new premium subscriber, it’s something I took for granted as surely being available since it’s a fundamental control and that’s literally the way it is in every other dashboard I know. Even the subpar Hubitat dashboard. Since many smart home users start with lighting, and even with power users it remains a core smart home feature, lighting control is quite central. Anyway, I know that you probably have a lot on the to-do list, but I highly recommend prioritizing it, at least above some of the more “optional”, less fundamental controls.

Just circling back for some feedback as we’ve completed some internal proof of concepts. Would the following approach cover what you’re looking for?

Color (RGB) + Dim + Color Temperature

Dim + Color Temperature


Josh - not sure I understand the color + dim + temp. Could be used for Hue RGB lights? For sure the dim + color temp is great for all the OSRAM adjustable white lights.

You nailed it. Different lights have different capabilities, so different features will show up depending on the device’s capability.

  • On/Off
  • Dimmable
  • Dimmable with Color Temperature
  • Dimmable with RGBW (and Color Temperature)

That looks like the perfect set up, Josh!

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That looks good. Would the color temperature control indicate associated numerical values as you slide the control? Would the slider have sufficient granularity to enable someone to set it at (or close enough) to a certain value, say 4000K?

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How about something like the following:

Yes. (Though I should note that the answer also depends a bit on your device driver. Some drivers might round or ‘step’ values.)

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Looks good to me! Thanks!

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Using the “Simulated White Color Temperature Bulb” device that’s available in the ST IDE, I made a switch which is the trigger for an automation in Smart Lighting to control 6 Halo dimming+temp controllable downlights. When I look at the related switch in the ST app I have access to the on/off toggle, the color temp slider and the dimmer slider. However, in my SharpTools dashboard, when I exit the tile for that switch, I see no option to display the temp slider, just the options for the toggle and dimmer. Is there a way to see the temp slider in the dashboard for this type of device?


Hi @Jason_Gabler - I hope you don’t mind that I’ve merged your post in with a similar existing post. Take a look a few posts up for some commentary about color temperature control and some work arounds.

As you’ll see in the posts above, we’ve built out much of this in an internal build. We’re working with the developer of one of the upstream libraries we use. It’s a subtle thing, but the ‘direction’ of the color wheel has changed. We’re hoping to get that straightened out before releasing as we don’t want anyone to be confused as to why the colors moved around!

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Thanks for the merge/update, @josh. Those look great! Looking forward to including it in my dashboards.


Improved Color Temperature support is included in the latest beta release!

If you’re not already part of the beta program, please see this thread for details on how to join.

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Thanks, Josh. I’m hoping this makes it to GA soon, as I’d love the ability to control color temperature from the color picker.

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Just circling back with an update that this feature was released to production ~2 weeks ago:

:link: Color Temperature Improvements