How to adjust white color


I’m new here and maybe there is a trick.
I have a group of Lightify recessed can lights that are adjustable white lights from 2700 to 6000. I can use the color tile but I only get full color palette to adjust to, and cannot adjust the white level. I would like to adjust the white level as well as dimming like I can with full RGBW lights.

Any suggestions?


Hi @Greg_Cole, welcome to SharpTools and the community site. Adjusting color temperature is not currently supported in the RGBW tile at this point, but it’s on our hit list. :slight_smile:

However, you can create rules to change their white level, and add these rules to Dashboard, so you can adjust the white level from Dashboard quickly.

Here is your quick example.
Rules to set white level:

Then I added these rules in the dashboard (bottom right) for quick control.

You can, of course, add If_condition for some fancy logic in the rule depends on how you want to change the white level. Ex: touch one tile to toggle between 6000k and 2700k.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.


Thanks for the suggestion. I did create a rule to play around with it but I don’t have any dimming control without having a second tile. I’m a convert from Stringify / Wink on HE now and like what I see so far!