Color Temperature Improvements

We are excited to announce the next release which brings with it improved support for Color Temperature devices!

This release introduces a new color temperature slider bar enabling you to directly set the color temperature without relying on custom rules. The color temperature slider is available in existing RGB Color devices as well as improved support for Color Temperature only devices (eg. White + CT).

Color (RGB) + Dim + Color Temperature

Dim + Color Temperature


Different features will show up based on the capabilities that a device supports.

  • On/Off
  • Dimmable
  • Dimmable with Color Temperature
  • Dimmable with RGBW (and Color Temperature)

As you slide along the color temperature bar, you’ll also see a new value preview (‘thumb’) which shows the target value making it easier to set your device to the exact desired color temperature:


Note that if you only want to control the color temperature on your devices which support both color control and color temperature, you can change the tile layout to Color Temperature Tile:


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Thanks for this great improvement! Per my [late] comments in the beta feed, non-technical people (like my wife), don’t really understand how the controls work when all three (RGB/ColorTemp/Dim) are displayed with the color control tile:

  1. It isn’t apparent that you can combine either the RBG+Dim OR ColorTemp+Dim but not all 3 at once.
  2. When you open the color picker, because there are indicators (the black circles) on all three controls, it makes it really hard to tell if the bulb is in RGB or ColorTemp mode.

Is there a way to tweak the UI? Maybe dim the “inactive” control (or circle) and if it is selected then return it to full brightness and dim the other control? EG only RGB or ColorTemp would be visually “enabled” at any given time.


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Great addition! Thanks for implementing this feature request!

Very nice… Great work!

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