Icon request: Flourescent Tube/Fixture

Actually my flourescent tubes are now LED tubes, but they look the same.

Do you have any examples of what you’re looking for? Is the following icon not what you’re looking for?

Well - I’ve been using that icon to represent Hue StripLights. Now that you’ve blown it up, I can see that it does better represent a flourescent lamp.

So maybe I’m really looking for a Hue StripLight icon…

I have some icon requests in another thread too. Maybe option to define URL (or something?) for user icons (emoji, FontAwesome,???). Actually one for active and one for inactive if you dig into this :slight_smile:

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Hm… I’m struggling to envision what this would look like as an icon. How are you using the light strips? (eg. under cabinet lights, under a bed, etc)

Thanks for the feedback, Kevin. Your icon requests from this post are on the list! :smiley:

And thanks for the suggestion on custom user defined icons. In the meantime, if you find specific Font Awesome icons that you feel should be included, let us know. We chose not to include all 5000+ Font Awesome icons as most of them aren’t relevant for home automation and would just slow down the loading of the app, but we’re happy to add useful icons from their set!

On a related note, Font Awesome recently added some nice home related icons that we’ll get included in an upcoming release (eg. washer, dryer, etc)

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I use the light strips under counters and in shelves.

Yeah - an icon might be tough. I’ll give it some thought. Not familiar with Font Awesome, but will take a look.

The strips bend easily, and look something like this image when you uncoil them, but that doesn’t represent practical applications. I use them in a straight line, bending only if necessary at a corner.

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What about the Hue logo in the brands section?

This is what the strip looks like. Don’t know if a logo derived from that would be recognizable to anyone…

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I was just looking for the same thing, this is what is used on the Hue website
something similar might work?


That would work well for Hue strips!

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How about something like the following:


Edit: This icon has been deployed to beta. :smiley:


This feature was released in the following thread:

Calendar Improvements, More Icons, and Other Enhancements!