Feature Requests: Theme, Icons, Up-Down Tile

Thank you for add this new feature :grin:, Can I have a motion event and this event show camera full screen for X seconds…

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Any updates on this Google Calendar front? Be really nice to mimic what Dakboard is doing, but with the Smartthings aspect …

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We’re still in the R&D phase with the calendar integration.

@josh I came here to do the same suggestion, in the past, clicking the tile will turn on the light, clicking the lower right corner will open the brigness window, so now to just turn on 1 light you need 3 clicks instead 1, you must click the tile, then click the ON button in the new window, then click X or any other area out of that window to close the window.

I really appreciate the additions.


I don’t know if this is the best place, but here are my icon requests :slight_smile:

man, woman, boy, girl
sliding door/window
fence gate
siren/police light

@Mike_Kasper I was just reading through this thread again to see if I missed any requests and realized I never responded to yours. We added calendar and news feed support in one of the releases back in March!

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The latest SharpTools.io update includes the ability to pick from a list of Tile Layouts based on the capabilities that a device exposes (along with a bunch of other awesome new features). Thanks again for the feedback!


updating icon requests to add a couple more…

man, woman, boy, girl, dog, fish
sliding door/window
fence gate
siren/police light
appliances: oven, refrigerator, laundry washer/dryer

This site has a lot of good icons and they take requests:


Are icons licences bought as a package or are they custom for Sharptools?
If custom what are the specs? I could make some.

We license the majority of the icons, but we’ve custom made a number of icons based on user requests that couldn’t be sourced otherwise.

We source most of our icons from Font Awesome, so we try to follow their ‘solid’ style and approach. All of the icons are SVG and we attempt to target a minimal size for the web - this also naturally lends to following the FA style which is a bit more minimal in nature, has gentle curvature, and isn’t loaded with tons of paths (eg. overly complex polys/shapes)

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Josh, could I get 1 .svg file that Font Awesome create? I would like to explore it in Adobe illustrator to take a look at it. I assume they create the icon and you add it to the tile?

Font Awesome has a huge chunk of their library available for free (most of the ‘Solid’ icons).

Their online icon library has some really neat features - for example, you can hover your mouse over the main icon to get an idea of what paths are used in the icon.

You can also find a download button on the icon’s page:

Good evening!

I will be adding all my pool equipment this weekend, and I noticed there were not pool icons. I looked in Font Awesome and there were none there, and I found some icon packs, but they required licensing fees and didn’t exactly match the solid style you’re trying to stick with. So, being an artist myself, I went ahead and made a set. I knew I’d need a light, a vacuum, filter, pump, swimming, pool… Hopefully that wasn’t too presumptuous of me, and I’d love to see them included if you’re OK with them. I made them all with a screenshot of your icons for reference, and tried to keep them scaled similarly, etc., and I made each one its own .svg file (with blue box for preview purposes, that you can remove if you choose to use them.

Here’s a preview:

I don’t know how to get them to you, but Here’s a Google Drive link to them if that will work?

Since I made these, no licensing required. Consider them open source.

Thanks for your hard work!


These look great! Really nice work.

I’ll take a closer look when I get back to a PC and see what it would take to get them included. :grinning:


Awesomeness. :+1:
Can’t wait to have everything migrated over and really pretty up my dashes.


I just realized I never updated this thread that we included Ricky’s icons in the July 29th SharpTools.io update.

They look amazing - thanks again!

Any update on a default and active icons?

Hi can I have Flow to Execute the following activities: “Camera Full Screen for x seconds”?

It’s on the hit list. Nothing to announce at the moment. :slight_smile:

What kind of device are you viewing your dashboards on? If you’re using Fully Kiosk Browser, there are integrations for both SmartThings and Hubitat. You could then use the Fully Kiosk Browser ‘thing’ in your rules to navigate to different dashboards.

So you could create a dashboard that shows your camera ‘fullscreen’ by making it take up most of the dashboard space… then have a rule that switches you back and forth from that dashboard based on whatever events you desire.

Here’s a thread showing the concept of using a dashboard to display media ‘fullscreen’. In this particular example, they also wanted some controls near the video feed for controlling their flood lights. Same concept could apply to a door lock or other devices that you might want to control while viewing the feed:

More Details:
Request: Tapping Media Tile as a Trigger - #2 by josh