How to connect Tuya devices to SmartThings and SharpTools

Well, it turned out Globe Suite will only supports Globe products, even though it uses Tuya’s back-end as its cloud service. This is unfortunate news for many who use Tuya or other Tuya powered brands and wish to get integrated this way. However, this is probably not surprising as they never promised to support non-Globe products and they are providing solution to their customers, which is fair. :laughing:


That being said, for those who are still interested in integrating in Tuya into SmartThings, you may have to leverage IFTTT or Alexa as described in the post below by JDRobers, and please note that the state can be out-of-sync if changed outside SmartThings.

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Thanks for the sharing from SmartThings Beat on Twitter - Tuya Smart integration is now available in SmartThings. :tada:

Has anyone tried yet? :grinning:

I tried but no luck so far

Hi @Arnold - welcome to the community! Out of curiosity, what kind of devices did you try with?

We tried with some Merkury RGBW bulbs (from Walmart) that have their own Geeni app, but can also use the Tuya / SmartLife apps and those didn’t show up during the Tuya discovery in SmartThings either. :confused:

Hi I have the Gosund outlets. ST didn’t integrate the so I moved them to Tuya. They work fine on Tuya but ST still didn’t recognize them. After reading this article I moved them to Globe and unfortunately they still don’t show up on ST.
Any help would be appreciated

It seems to be a mystery at this point what device Tuya integration actually supports. I also tried having a Mercury bulb added to Tuya app, but the bulb just doesn’t show up in the new app when connecting to Tuya. :neutral_face:

Today I added some smart plugs to the Smart Life app (same as Tuya), and tried the Smart Life integration in Smartthings… It authenticates and connects to Smart Life, says it was successful, but no device shows up… I also have a zigbee curtain (which is connected directly to Smartthings Hub), which I have tried connecting to a Tuya hub, but also no luck integrating it to Smartthings.

There is currently no good workaround as IFTTT doesn’t work and is paid now, and the integration between Tuya / Smart Life clouds seem to be broken or have very small device support.

Did any one successfully connected any device from the Smart Life or Tuya apps to Smartthings?

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I haven’t had any luck at all, and would be glad to hear any advice or updates.

I have my Tuya curtains connected via a simulated Alexa switch so I can open and close them via the dashboard. I haven’t gotten around to looking properly at how to bring timing automation into so still using the Tuya app for that. I started by looking at the scenes imported to ST but when I initially tried I couldn’t make it work and then ‘life’ got in the way. I’ll be looking at the Rule Engine and also Smart Lighting to see if I can do anything there.

Smart Life same, using a sim Alexa switch but no timing automation needed for those particular switches.

I’d personally prefer the Alexa Virtual Switch approach over IFTTT as well if the device can be controlled via Alexa. Included the SmartThings community developed Virtual Alexa Switch here in case someone is interested. And the idea is to use Alexa Routine to turn the physical switch on/off when this virtual Alexa switch is open/closed. (This virtual switch maps the on/off states to contact open/closed states so they can be used in Alexa Routine.)

@smart_tomlinson, you can use Rule Engine to add the timer piece into the automation you wanted. See below for a quick example.

@James Thank you. I have something like that set up for my kitchen lights but with the added condition of only between 7.30 and 8.30 (or similar).
The reason I haven’t implemented for curtains is because during the summer, I don’t want the curtains to open at 5am. I need to sit and think about it a little bit more. I’m grateful you supplied all the info though. I meant to do it yesterday but I had to dash off. (pardon the pun! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

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I should add, the curtains are on a fixed timer via the Tuya app, I just wanted to see if I could get my brain working to look at making the timings a bit more random.

That’s why I use the offset + sunrise/sunset timer trigger for my window blinds’ automation, instead the exact time. (Sunrise in Dallas Texas is between ~6:30 - 7:30am depending on the time of the year.)

I was really excited to find this thread
The first Smart switches I bought, 8 of them, were Treatlife Brand, which I selected originally because they played directly with Alexa. But as I’ve moved forward, hindsight is a wonderful thing and would had selected more carefully. (Treatlife utilizes Tuya)
So as I’m getting into Sharptools and building my Dashboards, have to get those into SmartThings - this looked like THE solution.
But I simply cannot get these switches to connect directly into Smartthings using above procedure - it does find another Treatlife Switch, a fan/light dimmer switch - but not the more simple single pole switches.
So I went through the chore of setting up simulated switches and routines in Alexa to get them in Smartthings …
The problem I am facing now is that the sensors in ST do not show open when activated either by Alexa or by a routine (although I could add rules in Sharptools to turn all the sensors I suppose when activated from Dashboard, but that still won’t help for it to correctly reflect state when activated by Alexa) - I did use contact/sensor simulated switch but the problem I am hitting brick wall on is how to change the sensor state from Alexa? (Routine in Alexa sets the switch to be on when the simulated switch activated, but cannot see any way to implement the converse in Alexa)
I’m at the point of thinking less work at this stage to just replace those treatlife with something else - I used some Kasa Dimmer Switches and those are TP-link which DO link directly to ST without a Hub.

For the device that does show up in ST, if I look on the Treatlife App and the device settings, it indeed shows that ST is linked (along with Google Home & Alexa) - on all those other devices, it does not list ST as linked. Have tried re-setting devices and re-establishing using Globe, Tuya and Treatlife - none of them detect those switches as ST compatible

post script edit
I think i found at least one way to do it - although incredibly convoluted
In Alexa you can make groups for each switch/simulated switch pair - then your Alexa commands operate on the ‘group’ rather than just the actual switch.
I tested that and it does work
It would just be so much easier (sic!) if you could add a routine that starts with the true alexa switch which could operate the virtual switch; but appears that is not available, only the other way.
Back to my earlier thought that changing the hardware is going to be ultimately best all round in long term.
But I may be content for now with this work-around - In Alexa I actually have my 8 Outside light switches arranged in 3 groups (of 3, 3 & 2) and then one overall group of those three sub-groups; what I did was add the simulated switches as well as the ‘real’ switches within each group PLUS the Simulated Switch for the Group; then in the Overall Group, is just the three sub-groups plus the Overall Simulated Switch.
So now - if I command Alexa to operate any Sub-Group or the Overall group, the appropriate sensors will show in both Smartthings and Sharptools; (the only time the sensor will not show correctly is if an individual switch command is made in Alexa - now I could go back and change it all up to make each individual switch a switch/simulated switch pair as a group, but realistically won’t really utilize this in Alexa. So my main goal of having the sensors show correctly in ST is achieved. I may live with that but again, if I knew then, would just have gone a different route.

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@Bethel_Lane, thanks for sharing the tips of grouping the real switch and the simulated contact/switch, and control the group, instead of the real device, so the device state can be in sync in Alexa and SmartThings/SharpTools. I agree that the Tuya & SmartThings integration is confusing what is supported and what is not.

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Not sure if related to this thread.
I’ve been trying to add a switch that connects through Smart Life App in Smart Things,
When it goes through to find the device and set up the connection, It adds devices that use the Globe Suite App that have already been set up in Smart things. I just delete the duplicates, but can never locate the actual switch I want to set up.

@Chris_Brown2 welcome to the community. I would assume it is not going to show up in the integration unless it’s a Globe branded switch. Many smart wifi devices that are powered by Tuya cloud do not support the SmartThings integration at this point as we learned, though the device may show up in Smart Life app. Do you mind share what switch model you tried so it may help others who find this discussion later? :grinning:

Welcome @Chris_Brown2 - That is exactly what I went through - as @james says, it seems not all Tuya/SmartLife devices are yet compatible with SmartThings integration via Linked Skill (and I tried all the variants - Globe, smart life, gosund, treatlife etc) -in my case it was TreatLife brand and what is odd is that same brand, my combined fan/dimmer switch links but my simple on/off switches do not.
I’m not sure if you use Alexa but that is the workaround I found to get the switches into SmartThings. i.e. Use Simulated Alexa Switches in ST and then set up routine in Alexa to have the Virtual Switch operate the actual switch. Yes it’s a chore :slight_smile:

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@chris_Brown2 - here’s some other options for you :slight_smile:

How I Installed Tasmota Firmware on a Treatlife Switch ::
(note he says in the notes that the Treatlife switches are already flashed with Smartthings compatible firmware, but we know that is not one-size-fits-all!)

I haven’t tried it yet myself - might be fun to play with that.

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Brand of the switch appears to be Markevina. I can understand it a bit if not recognized now. I have other integrations that are supposed to exist between vendors/devices, but do not appear to be supported in Canada, which does not make a lot of sense.
I can still control switch through the other app. What is annoying is that it swiches to Globe and adds devices that are already enabled within Smart Things. It should be able to detect they are there, or add a step to confirm devices to add, instead of duplicating the devices.