Homey Pro: Control group of light with one color changing tile

I have philips hue devices in my kitchen, and is fumbling to reach my goal :

  • One tile on my dashbord for each group og philips hue lights
  • Tile must change color and symbol when lights are toggled on/off.

any hints og rules you want to share ?

I am using Homey Pro (HP23)

Which Philips Hue integration are you using? It looks like there’s an ‘official’ one where your Hue Bulbs would be connected to the Hue Bridge and a community developed integration where you can connect your Hue Bulbs directly to your Homey.

I haven’t personally tested either of these integrations, but does Homey expose a ‘device’ for the grouped Hue lights?

Otherwise, from a quick search of the Homey community, it seems like the < group > app is popular for creating groups of lights and controlling them together. From a quick test, it seemed to work quite well for your described use-case.

From the Homey app, just to show how the colors mirror across when controlled from the ‘group’ device:

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Exactly what I tested and using now! The group-app within Homey pro works perfectly to group lights and use as u virtual single light-source. This light-source/device can be used in Sharptools perfectly. For everyone using Homey Pro I recommend this group-app and Sharptools the use for development of Dashboards.

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