Aggregate Dashboard status in a tile

Is this possible? I have a dashboard with all my lights that I call Lighting. On my main dashboard, I’d like a dashboard tile called Lights that would change status depending on the status of all the lights on the lighting board. If all lights are off, it would show normal, if any light is on, it would show active. I would then tap the tile to go to the lighting board to see what is going on.

@Ken_Weise, yes you can do this with Variable and rules to aggregate the devices’ status, and add the Variable as Variable tile to the dashboard. See the post below for the example that I aggregates my sensors’ battery status as a tile, and when tapped, it will navigate to my sensors dashboard for more information.

I got the variable created and the dashboard icon for it. Getting it set with light status is getting me. Basically, it seems I need a trigger for on and off of each light to run the flow.

The flow needs a statement for each light and then/else

Is this correct?

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That’s correct. You will add each light’s on and off triggers and check if all lights are on and set the variable accordingly.

Wow, that’s a lot of work. For my contact sensors (20), I will need 60 lines. Very easy to miss one. Time to think up an enhancement based on the state of a dashboard.

The UX can definitely be improved to make this easier especially when you have these many devices to aggregate. And I’d encourage you to create a Feature Request to help us collect the interests.
But once the rule is set, you can just leave it and things should be aggregated nicely.

I’m looking to do the same thing. And I have a LOT of devices. But I think I figured out a good way to do this. I create groups in Hubitat anyway, including an All Lights group. I think I can set up a Sharptools Rule to simply change the status (color) of a Lights Dashboard tile depending on the state of Hubitat’s All Lights device. So, only requires a few lines of Sharptools Rules and it dynamically accounts for new devices added in Hubitat.

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Thanks for this answer! brought me to dive into my Homey Pro Hub. Discovered that it is possible to make a group like you suggested! Put all my lights in and voila when one (of more) lights are on the group is on. Saves a lot of work on trigger/flow.

Here’s a related post about grouping of lights in Homey for any future internet travelers who find this message. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

:link: Homey Pro: Control group of light with one color changing tile - #2 by josh