Hero mode improvement + Energy

Can you please add option to glow also in Hero Mode ?
Also I thing it is better to have Icon the same size as in regular mode with addition small line at the bottom that show the added attribute.
Regarding Energy, can you display a graph showing the energy (Y-axis) and day of month (X-axis) for home energy meters. Also if possible to show the expected price to electric company for that month after adding the KW/H unit price.

Update: You can now select ‘none’ for the primary attribute of a Hero Attribute tile if you want the icon to be the main content.
:link: Hero Attribute Tile Enhancements

There’s also a feature request for adding a general ‘glow’ option to the style customizations which you can vote on here:
:link: Add 'Glow' to Style States Customisation

Thanks for the feedback. It sounds like you are looking for something more like a normal Switch tile with the option of showing the energy level in the bottom of the tile, right?

I’m open to adding glowing options to the Hero Attribute tile and I’ve noted the feedback. Regarding icons on Hero Attribute tiles, we had lots of internal discussion and decided that it made the most sense to keep these as inline icons as the primary goal of a Hero Attribute tile is to display an attribute front and center (and the other tile layouts general cover the scenario of having the icon as the main focus)

I can see the need for a more ‘traditional’ tile for energy related capabilities with an icon as the main focus and energy readings in the footer though!

Regarding displaying a graph, we don’t currently log historical data so we wouldn’t be able to show a graph, but I’ve made note of your request.

In the meantime, people have been using the Simple Event Logger app to write data to Google Sheets from which you can generate a chart as an image that can be embedded in your SharpTools.io dashboard. :sunglasses:

Not exactly, Showing the current month energy and the estimated price. is that possible ? Also last three months energy and price will be great…Sound a little difficult to me

I’m not an expert as you… I was able to log data from ST to google sheets and also create a graph. But how to display in SharpTools the graph only… please give some hints.

Thanks for you great support…

You should be able to publish your chart from the Google Sheet via a link. See below.