Hero Attribute Tile Enhancements

We’re excited to announce a number of enhancements to the Hero Attribute Tile including support for a Third Attribute, Formatting Per Attribute, and making the Primary Attribute optional (eg. icon only).

:white_check_mark: Closes: Hero Attribute Tile: Icon Only Display (None for Primary Attribute)

Third Attribute

When editing a Hero Attribute Tile, you’ll now see a slot for configuring a third attribute. This attribute will show up in the bottom-left corner of the tile.

With the primary attribute now being optional, this extra slot gives you more flexibility with your Hero Attribute tiles. You could use all three slots to display data, none of them (just icons), or just the second and third slots for displaying data in the footer.

Formatting Per Attribute

This update provides options for customizing the units and decimal formatting for each attribute.

Historically, you had the option to customize the decimal formatting at the tile level and it would apply to all attributes. You could also customize whether the units were shown for the primary attribute and could override the units for the primary attribute, but could not customize the units for the secondary attribute.

By moving these configuration settings into the attribute selector, you’re able to customize each individual attribute the way you see fit. For example, you could have one attribute not display the decimals at all while another displays 2 digits of decimal precision. Similarly, you can customize and override the units for each individual attribute as you see fit.

Optional Primary Attribute

With this update, you now have the option of setting the Primary Attribute to -none-, which is useful if you want to display an icon as the main content (and optionally display content in the footer).


Awesome work! Exactly what i was missing, and what I needed to finish my weather dash…

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Uh oh. I’m seeing an issue. The tiles haven’t updated since I set them up this morning. 12 hours later they are all still exactly the same as they were in the screenshot above.

I do not have this issue. My tiles are getting updated…

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Looking at it, I don’t think my lack of updates is related to the tiles. It’s a left over from a hub migration

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In another thread (that I can’t find) I had asked about the possibility of having a faint icon as a background on a hero attribute (or really any) tile. It seems like it was more effort than it was worth. Well, tonight I was playing around with some stuff and I sorta figured out how to make it work on a hero attribute tile. this may be somewhat limited in application, but it seems to work, at least for what I wanted.
Any chance this could be “fixed” so you don’t need to trick it to work? I.e actually select temperature when it the temperature, etc?

First, a set of Ecowitt weather tiles on Hubitat using a community driver on Hero Attribute tiles. I clicked the Icon to change the icon. The funny thing is it only seems to work if the state is left as water (with no value) then select the icon you want. If for example, I change the state to temperature for a temp and humidity tile) and leave it blank, the icon doesn’t show up.

I also got it to work with a hero attribute tile for a Hue Motion Sensor

It would be great if I could get the motion sensors with just the icon in the primary and no text, but still the secondary and tertiary attributes.