Help creating a dashboard

Hi, please excuse my complete ignorance on this subject but I have been reading through so many feeds over the last week and the information that people put on here is unbelievably good, but I’m still struggling. I’m not hugely IT savvy, but I can’t turn back now.
I decided to change my home security system and wanted to move to a wall mounted dashboard which would control the new system but also display a few other things. I’m using Smartthings and I’ve set up Sharptools for the Dashboard, as well as putting the Fully Kiosk Browser on my tablet. I seem deep in the hole and still getting nowhere really.
I’m only looking to put a few things on the dashboard. The security system, a weather tile, a clock tile, two external cameras, and would like to link Spotify.
I’ve been trying for a week to get a weather tile on but still getting nowhere.
Does anyone on here build dashboards for a fee?

Hi @Blair_Paterson, welcome to the community. I am adding some information below and hope this would better guide you in setting up your smart home dashboard:

  1. weather
    You can follow the instructions in the article below to create a Weather Station Tile device in SmartThings and/or add a weather forecast image to the dashboard.
    Where can I find weather tiles? - SharpTools Knowledge Base

  2. SmartThings Home Monitor (STHM)
    This security monitoring feature from SmartThings cannot be accessed directly via any 3rd party integration. However, people use Simulated Switches and Automation (Scene) from the SmartThings mobile app to synchronize the STHM status to the Simulated Switches. See the detailed instructions for how to use Simulated Switches with STHM. Once you have them working, you can then authorize these Simulated Switches to SharpTools and control the STHM status from the dashboard(s) accordingly.

    How To: SmartThings Home Monitor with Simulated Switches

  3. Add camera views to the dashboard
    You can find more details from the article below, and the short version is you likely need Tiny Cam (Android app) or Blue Iris (PC app) to proxy the rtsp video stream to MJPEG, so it can be streamed in the web browser. (Or you can fetch the camera’s static image, ex JPEG, periodically if the camera supports.)
    How do I add video / images to a SharpTools dashboard? - SharpTools Knowledge Base

  4. Spotify
    If you have a supported smart speaker devices added to SmartThings, like Sonos, it can be authorized to SharpTools and you can add it to the dashboard and play the predefined presets like described in the Jukebox post.
    Create "Jukebox" Dashboard with Album Art for Echo or Sonos Devices

    Or you may try the community developed Spotify Custom Tile, which allows you to select the playlist to be placed on a connected device.
    Spotify Custom Tile

If you want to share some details about what you’ve tried so far, I’d be happy to help out.

You might also be interested in the Weather Widget Custom Tile collection by community member @Michael

Hi Josh, Thanks for the note. I’ve currently trying to add in the first weather tile from the link you had sent over. I’ve saved and then added the tile through the custom tile section. I’ve added the Latitude & longitude but not sure the API key. Where do i find this?
Many thanks

Here’s some steps from the linked thread:

Note that after you sign-up for an Open Weather API Key it can sometimes take an hour for the key to become active.

If you have further questions about those custom tiles, I would try posting in the linked thread so the author of the custom tile and other community members who use it can help. :slight_smile: