Guidance on creating a media dashboard

Hello I’m new to sharp tools but been with home automation for some time. I presently have smarting’s as a hub and on the fence whether to switch to Habitat which I just purchased. Any way thought I would give Sharp Tools a try, I was wondering for starter if someone could give me direction to updated information or steps to set up a music dashboard, I am running smarting’s along with 6 Sonos speakers, google home and SiriusXm, amazon music and Spotify. I did read a few post but they where older post and not sure if all still work .also seen where echo speak is discontinued. Any help or guide to a start to create a Dashboard for music would be appreciated.

Hey John,


I’ve got several dashboards that control my Sonos ecosystem – what are you looking to do?

This is my portion of the kitchen dashboard (audio controls are in brown):

The one with the Sonos logo pops up an overlay:

And I’ve got one that has controls for various playlists (need to edit these a bit):

Most of the time, I’m controlling the sonos system (grouping, presets, playlists) with a raspberry pi which is running sonos http API by jishi. Coupled with the Web Requestor, I can make http calls from sharptools which hit my raspberry pi and control the sonos system.

For my presets, I’ve got a simulated switch and a simple rule which triggers when they’re turned ‘on’ (either by voice or by the dashboard), which then makes the http call. Some of the switches will group certain speakers to others, e.g., ‘kitchen audio’ when turned on will group the kitchen speaker with the living room speaker (prevents me from having the turn up the volume crazy high in one room to hear the TV in another)

Anything specific you are looking to do?

Hi thanks for the reply. I not to sure yet I seen this video Create a Smart Music Command Center | SharpTools Dashboards - YouTube from a SharpTools member but not sure if it can still be done or if it’s only related to echo. I would like to set it up with my Sonos and SiriusXM sub. Is this possible?

Hi @John_W thanks for sharing the link. That video should mimic the instructions in the following post:

As you noted, the community developed Echo Speaks isn’t supported in SmartThings anymore, but the Sonos integration is native and continues to work. I’ll edit the linked post to add those notes as the SmartThings IDE will be shut down soon too, so there’s other approaches to get the preset ID as discussed further down in that thread.

Edit: I’ve made a few updates to the linked post to reflect the shutdown of Echo Speaks on SmartThings and the updated approach to review the ‘presets’ attribute for Sonos devices on SmartThings. :smiley:

Thank you I will do some reading and give it a try looks great.

Hi Josh, so I had a chance to start reading and getting an understanding of the steps you posted but when I go to the first step I get web page not found, is this no longer valid SmartThings: follow the steps here Also following the steps shown I can add my Sonos but when I change the layout to album art it just give an icon with head phones sorry am I missing something?