Feature Requests: Theme, Icons, Up-Down Tile


Thanks for all the great suggestions and feedback everyone! Tonight’s release includes new icons, rule tiles, default humidity UoM, active state coloring for motion tiles and more!

You can find more details here:


@josh only get home tomorrow but had a quick look through. Looks AWESOME! thanks for all the work guys!


The ability to set the dashboard background color, customize the space between the tiles, and a new View (Kiosk Mode) option are all available as part of today’s platform release. Check of the following thread for more details:

Tile Security, Dashboard Customizations, Thermostats, and Fullscreen


Being able to change the text color would be great (and the icon color as well). For some reason my WAF level is dependant on being able to have light coloured buttons on the control panel in the hall :slight_smile: But I cannae do that currently as I wouldn’t be able to see the text.


Thanks for the feedback! It’s on the list and I’ve played with a concept of automatically detecting how dark/light the selected tile background color is and automatically changing the text/icon color to adapt to the inverse.

Do you want to be able to pick a specific text/icon color? Or you just want the text/icon to show up nicely/readable on a light tile color?


I’d be happy with either but my personal preference would be for automatic color selection. One of the things I like about your implementation of the dashboard is how you’ve kept the configuration interface uncluttered. I think automatic selection of icon and text color would help that clean feel.


Multi-Capability Sensors

I’ve just integrated one of the Hauppauge 4-in-1 sensors (basically same as the Philio PST02-1A) into my ST setup. It has lux, motion, contact and temperature. I want to include it on a dashboard as a Contact sensor (opened/closed door) but the dashboard edit only provides access to its motion sensor properties, even in hero mode.

Does the capability recognition always map a thing into a single sensor type? Or can it identify multiple (e.g. Contact, Motion etc.). If so it would be really good to be able to select which profile to use for a particular tile. That would be brill as then we could add a multi-sensor to the dashboard using different tiles to show it’s different sensor aspects.


Secondary Attribute Configuration on Icon Style

It would be great to be able to configure the secondary attribute for tiles that are using the standard icon based style as well as the hero style. For example, what I’d like to be able to do is show a contact sensor for a door using the open/close icon but replace the “open/closed” text with the current battery percentage. So I guess this might also mean we would need the ability to specify units for the secondary attribute as well as the primary.


Thanks for the feedback. This is a bit of a holdover from the initial design of how some of the events get wired up on the backend. By default, the tiles get wired up with a set of attribute subscriptions based on their primary capability and there are a handful of attributes which are always subscribed if they are available (eg. battery, humidity, temperature, power, motion). For the time being, I’ll add contact as an always subscribed attribute so you can use it in a Hero Attribute layout, but as you alluded to I’d like to focus on making this more dynamic so you can select any attribute or capability/layout. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion. Let me play around with this concept a bit more… if I keep it on the Default layout, then I might flag it behind an ‘Advanced’ toggle (like the Dashboard Settings has) so it doesn’t overcomplicate the UI for a normal user. Alternatively, I’m wondering if it might fit better in a different layout. :thinking:


can you make option check - uncheck “Show Primary Attribute” in Hero Attribute?


Thanks for the suggestion. What would the goal be? The Hero Attribute is usually used to show a primary attribute in large font in the center of the tile.


Changes in state indicated only by color to keep minimalism.



Yet another suggestion :slight_smile:

Once the ability to indicate binary state via a pair of icons is implemented, it would be good if part of that improvement also allows us to deactivate the glowing effect for switches if we don’t want it. I am using a custom device that combines a switch with presence so that I can aggregate multiple presence sensors together with Hubitat Rule Machine, unfortunately this means that the dashboard makes us glow when we’re home.

Alternatively: If we could choose which of the thing capability profiles a tile represented, then I could simply tell SharpTools that the tile is to show the presence capability, not the switch capability.


Thanks for the feedback. I’ve noticed in a few community screenshots that there are device tiles for fans or other things that probably shouldn’t glow, so I’ve been thinking about how to tackle this. Thanks for sharing your feedback!


@josh something else that’s missing or I cant find it is a colour wheel for rgb light strips. I’ve added one via magic home and use a tcptunneler on a pi to control, works perfectly in smart things, but no option but to switch on/off in sharptools.
I have the same problem with a fibaro rgb controller.
Any chance we can get a popup on the button to select colours?


Yes, we can get a color picker added. We have one in the rule engine… just hadn’t received a lot of feedback yet to have it prioritized in tiles. I’ll take a look at what I can do.


awesome! thanks! need 20 characters to post :smiley:


The latest platform release includes contact as an always subscribed attribute (if it’s available on the device) and should now be available in your Hero Attribute tiles. You can find more details on the platform release here:


Awesome, thanks Josh. Are you planning in the future to allow us to do something like choose the overall profile for multi-capability sensors when using the icon-based style? So I can choose if the icon and active/inactive colors are decided by the motion profile or the contact profile?


We haven’t yet decided what the exact solution will be, but we do have your feedback (and Robert’s, etc) logged in our feature/issue tracker and are working through the requests!

Being able to choose from different templates per capability is definitely a potential approach. I’m also considering another approach where the Tile Editor might expose some ‘advanced’ features letting you choose what to use for active status, etc. These would likely be hidden behind an ‘advanced’ check box like in the dashboard settings.