Feature Request: Supporting multiple PIN codes per dashboard

Add the ability to set individual unique PIN codes for different family/acquaintances on a dashboard.

That way we could set individual codes for our wife, mother-in-law, family friends rather than sharing a single code.

Original Request

In this Hubitat community thread you will find a request to enable Sharptools to access the same individual pin codes that are set in Hubitat, example here is my wife, mother in law, close family friend all share individual pins to access the front door lock and Iris keypad.

Hubitat can control lock pin codes under Lock Code Manager (LCM). I’d like to use these unique pins in Hubitat as Sharptools pins to turn on/off alarm etc on the dashboard and know whom did that.

Thanks for posting, @Jason_Churchward!

Based on our discussions over in the Hubitat community, it sounds like a more fundamental request for supporting multiple PIN codes per dashboard would solve the basic need and would perhaps be applicable to a broader audience (and thus easier to prioritize development of).

Do you want me to edit the original post accordingly? Or would you prefer to keep the request focused on a Hubitat Lock Code Manager integration with dashboard PINs?

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I agree supporting multiple PIN codes per dashboard would do the job, I’d be happy to replicate what I have in Hubitat to Sharptools as this doesnt change that often to have a proper integration to LCM.

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please also add logging and/or notifications. For example, if I am the system owner, i would like to have the ability to view the log of pins used over a given period. Also, if a given pin is used, send an alert SMS to my phone.


Agreed. Multiple PINs would be great. I am using Smartthings SHM and already have individual PINs for different people.

I am currently using SHM delay to assign pin codes to allow disarming via keypads. Is there a way to create a tile to disarm and only use a pin code associated with a person? In other words have more than one valid pin code to disarm?

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Thanks for posting @Scunny!

I hope you don’t mind that I’ve merged your post in with another similar feature request to help consolidate the feedback so we can better understand the level of interest! :smiley:

No problem Josh. So I assume since you moved it into feature request there’s not currently a way to do this?

That’s right. Dashboards currently support a single PIN code. (And this request is to support multiple PIN codes)

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Any update on this feature?

Hey Robbie!
As you can see from the vote count at the top of this thread, there hasn’t been much interest in this feature with only 3 votes cast, so we’ve focused our efforts on other highly requested features in the meantime. :slight_smile:

Feel free to scroll up and cast a vote. :smiley:

Any update on this feature, jumped from 3 to 7 votes :slight_smile:

This post was initially posted in 2020. I am wondering if this was given up on. If so what have other community members decided to do in absents. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am looking to use the dashboard instead of a manual key pad to enter person specific codes to turn off HSM.

Hi Chad-
I responded to your PM, but I’m including a copy of the response here as well:

While this request has finally picked up some community interest in the past few months (eg. votes), there’s several other feature requests which have more votes so those will likely get prioritized first.

I would also recommend reading through the Feature Requests FAQ as it answers a number of common questions:

:information_source: About the Feature Requests category

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