Feature Request: Locally play a sound on state change

It would be useful to have the browser the dashboard is running on (ie: local device) to be able to play a sound when a device/tile change state.


When my door sensor goes from closed to open: play sound X.
When my door sensor goes from open to closed: play sound Y.

Just to specify, I’d like the sound to play on the speakers of the device/tablet it’s running on, and not on a sonos/remote speaker.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

What kind of tablet are you currently using for displaying your dashboard?

Currently testing on a Samsung tablet running KitKat, but I plan on moving to amazon fire tablets once I manage to build a good dashboard

Thanks for the additional details. In that case, you have several options for playing a sound on your tablet.

  • Fully Kiosk Browser
    If you’re using Fully Kiosk Browser to display your dashboards, there’s a integration available for both SmartThings and Hubitat that enables you to use the tablet as a ‘device’. You can use this integration along with the Rule Engine to play sounds on your tablet whenever events occur.
    SmartThings Device HandlerHubitat Driver

  • Tasker / AutomateIt
    Android and Fire OS have several different automations apps that can be used to play custom sounds. The most common approach for this particular case would be to push an event to the tablet which Tasker/AutomateIt could then ‘consume’ and do whatever you want with it - including playing custom sounds.
    Tasker (Google Play)AutomateIt (Amazon Appstore)

  • Pushover
    The notification app ‘Pushover’ is generally used for notifications, but it also can also be used to play a variety of sounds alongside the notifications. This can be used along with the SharpTools Rule Engine as well.
    Pushover SoundsSharpTools Integration