Designing dashboards via web

Is there a way to change the layout while designing on the web based platform? Like if I’m making dashboards for a phone or tablet…can it display how it would on a phone (2 columns) on the web somehow so design goes smoother?

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There’s two common approaches that are used:

  1. Keep the phone or tablet nearby with the dashboard open as you make edits on your laptop
    • As you make changes to a dashboard on your laptop, those changes will be instantly pushed to your phone/tablet when you press save on your laptop
  2. Use the Device Toolbar in Chrome Developer Tools to simulate a device size
    1. In Chrome on a laptop/desktop, press F12 to open Chrome Developer Tools
    2. Select the image icon in the toolbar to enable the device toolbar
    3. Select a relevant device from the device toolbar to simulate that device’s screen image


Awesome. Thanks a lot.

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Thanks Josh. That’s very useful info.

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