Multiple Endpoint Devices

Hello all and thank you for this very informative portal. I am a fairly new Sharptools user and have been enjoying myself designing interfaces for my home. I have run into 2 circumstances that I cannot resolve and am asking the community (I have searched but not found anything relevant).

  1. Easy one! how do you get rid of Hyperlinks, Calendars, Newsfeeds that you no longer need? I am accumulating too many trial entries!)
  2. Having say 5 different types of endpoints (Android 1080 tablet, Fire 10inch, Fire 7 inch, Android 720) I am having to create multiple Dashboards for each of my rooms. So a dashboard for the kitchen for Android with a 1080 screen, a dashboard for the kitchen for a Fire 7 inch tablet, etc.
    I create a master, which carries all appropriate links and item attributes, then copy that dashboard to the endpoint that I will be using. It ends up being a lot of redundant work but is generally works. It gets complicated if for some reason or other I need to add a new component I have to add it to each dashboard in order to keep things like Links to Other Dashboards consistent to the class of device I am using. Occasionally I run into a color inconsistency which makes my life a pain! Now my ask

Is there a way to download the attributes of a dashboard (color, size, target item, etc) and upload it to another?

Thank you for your indulgence

Hi @Stephen_Pinn, welcome to SharpTools community and glad to hear you liked SharpTools. See below for my comments.

You can manage(edit and delete) your media, calendar, hyperlink and newsfeed resources in the “Manage Resources” page. You can navigate to the Manage Resources page from the user dropdown menu at top-right.

Download the attributes of a dashboard is not currently supported, and I can understand the work needed in order to keep dashboards “fit” on different sized devices when new things are added. We have received interests for a “fixed canvas” layout design, so please voice your comments in the thread as it is important for us to prioritize the tasks.

That being said, I’d suggest you to edit the dashboards for different sized devices by following the tricks in the thread below. Though you are still likely going to copy the main source dashboard as the start point, but it is much easier to edit the dashboards for the other devices on a PC/Mac, instead of on the tablet device itself. So using the trick below may make it easier for you to update multiple dashboards in the same time.

Thank you so much for the quick reply and great guidance