Dashboard not refreshing overnight

Dashboard needs exiting and reloading in the am to show current details (Hubitat smart home monitor for example is still showing armed) other custom tiles and super tiles are not showing current data.

Has anyone come across this recently?

Running on a Mac Mini with Safari full screen.
Otherwise might need to figure out Automator on Mac to close and reopen the window in the morning.

Is there a refresh setting anywhere I’m missing?


Hi Gavin-
What version of Safari is installed on the device in question?

I’ve noticed issues with Safari 16-17 on macOS. Have you tried using another browser like Chrome on this same device?

It’s the latest Mac OSX beta. I’ll check the version #. If I use chrome I can’t see the feed from my Unifi cameras (still jpg refreshed every second) Safari 17.4

Thanks for the update. Is your Mac Mini going to sleep when this is happening?

Myself and one other user would often notice it in Safari when our Macbook would go to sleep and later wakeup. It wouldn’t always consistently occur though.

I noticed it on my Mac Studio on Safari 17.2 even though that machine doesn’t usually go to sleep… but since updating to macOS Sonoma 14.4 and Safari 17.4, I have not seen the issue recur on my Mac Studio.

Steps to Reproduce?

If you know of a series of steps that can force the issue to occur immediately, that would be really helpful. As of now, we’ve only seen it occurring intermittently on Safari 17 on macOS devices that go to sleep which makes it difficult to force it to occur so we can troubleshoot it.

Hidden Diagnostics

On a related note, when the issue is occurring, if you navigate to the diagnostic page within the web-app, do you see the Background Worker continuously getting restarted?

  1. Open your user menu in the top-right corner and select View Account
  2. Tap the Manage Account link in your user card
  3. Tap the version number 3 times (below the table)
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the Worker Logs

Again, you must navigate to this diagnostics screen within the same browser using the navigation elements within the app and not using the URL bar or new tab.

Chrome and Unifi Cameras

If you want to create a separate thread for the Unifi cameras not being visible, I would be happy to help troubleshoot.

Per the Chrome Mixed Content thread, don’t forget that you would need to:

  1. Disable the Mixed Content Blocking in Chrome
  2. Use a wildcard DNS like nip.io so Chrome sees a valid domain

Ill update the Mac Mini. It does sleep at some point overnight, triggered to unsleep with motion. Thanks for the .io thing, that solved it in Chrome (didn’t realise it was that simple) I also loaded a Safari extension now that auto reloads the page. Tackling this from multiple angles :slight_smile: