Contact sensor reporting incorrect state on dashboard

Hi all,

I have some ST contact sensors as well as Cygnet ones which I run with a Sonofff driver in Hubitat.

As can be seen below, the ST ones work as expected (Open/Closed) however the Cygnet ones report a ‘Present’ state which isn’t useful at all - Is there a way to adjust this?

Thanks in advance.

It looks like the green one is implemented as a presence sensor. If it’s also implemented as a contact sensor, you may be able to use the Change Layout feature to select the contact sensor layout.

Thanks a lot for the prompt response, Josh.

I can confirm it’s working as expected now.

I am new ish to this and I am trying to customise my dashboard - I am really enjoying the options you guys offer here. Good work!

In terms of media players, how do I go about linking my Spotify account to my devices/tiles?

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Depending on what type of hardware you have, you may have different options. For example, some devices expose ‘favorites’ or ‘playlists’ which can be accessed from rules as shown in the Jukebox Dashboard post.

Alternatively, there’s a Spotify Custom Tile available in the community. It was more of a proof-of-concept, but depending on your needs it might be an option for you.