BlueIris JPG/MJPG Fail To Display

TL:DR - media tiles aren’t displaying BlueIris feeds. Media URLs display fine in browsers, verified multiple platforms(FireHD/Fully, iPhone/Chrome, MacBook/Chrome)

I have been using Sharptools with Smartthings and BlueIris for a few years with no major hiccups that couldn’t be solved with research from here. So I was pleasantly perplexed when the Media Tiles with BlueIris camera feeds all failed to load as of a few days ago.

My setup consists of media tiles with jpg(autorefresh @ 1sec enabled) and mjpg(no autorefresh) feeds.

The main display is a Fire HD using Fully.

I can copy the MediaURLs and paste into Fully and Chrome and view no problem. Verified Sharptools Fail To Load Image on FireHD, iPhone and MacBook. Verified MediaURLs direct display on same devices.

Historically, the feeds would fail to load at various(read:inconsistent) time intervals; 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 5 days. My remedy is to use the MediaUrl directly from Manage Resources page and paste into Fully browser to trigger the BlueIris user login pop up. I would need to only login one camera feed link separately to enable all the feeds to display correctly in the Dashboards. I never drilled down to the root cause of this user login situation bc I don’t mind the infrequency.

Any suggestions? I went as far as verifying BI setup w/ stunnel, local router permissions, etc with nothing out of the ordinary from what I can tell. Being able to directly navigate to the MediaURLs outside of Sharptools with no problem is the baffling part.

I would check the linked article that shows up on the tile and within the media editor regarding Mixed Content as that is most commonly the issue:

Pay particular attention to two parts:

  1. Enable ‘Allow Insecure’ on Chrome
    • Or in newer versions of Fully Kiosk: Advanced Web Settings → Mixed Content Mode → Always Allow Mixed Content
  2. Check the note about Chromium 111 and the bug Google introduced. Using as mentioned in this reply seems like a decent workaround for most people.

Efficient Streaming Alternative for Blue Iris

If you’ve got Blue Iris 5 (or otherwise have UI3 installed), check out this post about using the embeddable live views which are much, much more efficient at streaming from Blue Iris:

@josh thank you for the quick references. Mixed mode enabled. I saw the tip previously but did not think it would’ve been that simple bc everything was working after that tip and other related anouncements.

Egg on my face, changing media urls to include works.

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