A step-by-step guide on how to integrate NFC , Tasker, SharpTools, ST and a relay controlled deadbolt


Hello SharpTools community.
I think SharpTools is exactly what i am looking for and i am ready to buy the full version. However, and please, is there a way you can guide me on how to program on tasker / sharptools?? A step by step if you will…
My scenario goes something like this;
An NFC tag will be hidden next to my door so when i approach it with my Android phone with Tasker in it, the tag will scan and in return will tell SmartThings through SharpTools to trigger a relay/Switch which will finally actuate a deadbolt on my door??
Please walk me through it i can learn fast and follow directions well
Any help will be greatly appriciated


Hi Denis - thanks for the post. Yes, I can put together a guide showing how to use an NFC tag to trigger actions in SmartThings. After our previous chat on the SmartThings community, I brought the NFC tags with me to the office, so I’ll need to swing by the office to pick them up before I can do a full test! :smiley:

In the meantime, here’s the approach:

  1. Install and setup SharpTools, making sure you’ve authorized the things you want to control (eg. the relay for your deadbolt)
  2. Install Tasker
  3. Install Trigger
  4. Open Tasker and configure your desired action:
    1. Create a new Task
    2. In the Task, add an Action > Plugin > SharpTools > A Thing
    3. Configure the A Thing plugin to control your desired relay
      Note: For example, if your relay has a mode to turn on and then back off after a second, run that command. If your Relay doesn’t have an action like that, you make want to program additional actions in Tasker…
      For example:
      1. A Thing: Relay: on()
      2. Wait: 3 seconds
      3. A Thing: Relay: off()
  5. Open Trigger and setup an NFC Trigger:
    1. Tap the New icon in the bottom right
    2. Select NFC
    3. Tap Next
    4. Optionally, set any restrictions or just click Done to continue.
    5. Click Next
    6. From the Choose an Action screen, scroll down, tap Tasker to expand it, and check the box on Tasker Task
    7. Click Next
    8. Tap the magnifying glass icon and select your desired task you created earlier.
    9. Tap ‘Add to Task’
    10. Tap Next
    11. Tap Done
    12. Place your phone over the tag to complete the tag initialization