Wyze V3 camera integration using TinyCam Pro: Issues

Hi everyone, I am new in the forum, with previous experience in smart devices, migrated from wink to Smarthings and would like to share my issue in this forum, I tried to fix it but without any luck. Probable someone already passed before for the same situation and can help me.

I have a Fire HD 8 10th Gen working with Sharptools for a POC. I have a Wyze camera (v3 model) set into TinyCam Pro, the software is running exclusive in a laptop that I set as a server running an Android version. Web server is enabled and for my testing only I am not setting any authentication.
In different browsers (edge, Chrome, Silk) I can see the live feed of the camera without issues if I directly type in the browser the URL from the web server (URl format is: xxx.xxx.x.xxx:8083/axis-cgi/mjpg/video.cgi?camera=1) I am not using HTTPS
The issue is coming when I try to set the media tile in Sharptools. I created the tile and I only can see a message “Failed to load image” when I am visualizing the dashboard. I tried with different dimensions in the tile and different refresh intervals.
I watched a ton of videos in youtube and made an extensive research in the forums but was not able to find what is causing the issue.

Hi @Jorge_Anzola-
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It seems like the latest Chrome update may have broken the allow insecure content (mixed content). You could try reverting to an earlier version of Chrome with auto-updates disabled until the Chrome team resolves the issue.

Thank you Josh. I am going to review my Chrome version.

According what you said is my understanding if I am using a different browser then I am not going to have this issue. Right?