Wyze cam no longer working in Fully

I’ve been streaming my wyze cams for a while now without error. A few days ago, they went offline. I found in TinyCam, I was being prompted for 2FA to view the cameras. Some googling led me to a bug in TinyCam software and required an update to version 17. I did that and got past the 2FA issue, I can see the video stream in Sharptools when I open the media settings, but the image is no longer showing on my tablets. I am also able to see it fine in Sharptools if running in Chrome on my Macbook. If I pull up the dashboard in the Chrome browser on the tablets, it also doesn’t display. On the tablets, I am running Fully. One of them is a generic Android tablet, the other is a Fire. On the Fire tablet, I get a pop up warning “SSL error while loading”. I’ve seen the thread on Wyze cams, but nothing in that thread is helping.

Any advice?

Can you share some more details about your configuration?

  • What browser version is running in the tablets?
    • For Chrome, it should be the direct browser version
    • For Fully Kiosk, it depends on the WebView (Settings → Other Settings → Device Info)
  • Is SSL enabled on TinyCam?
    • If so, is it a valid SSL certificate?

I would recommend taking a look at the Mixed Content community post as it includes some notes about common issues with modern browsers and media along with some fixes / workarounds.

Fully Kiosk webview version 72.0.3626.121. Android version 7.0

I’m not familiar with SSL, how would I know if it was using a valid certificate and if it isn’t, how do I get it to use a valid certificate?

It’s a setting in TinyCam:

If you aren’t familiar with issuing and managing SSL certificates and you’re just accessing the feeds locally on your network, my recommendation would be to leave SSL disabled in TinyCam. Keep in mind that you may need to perform a full restart of TinyCam after changing settings.

I got it. Turning off https worked. Thank you

Actually, while this isn’t really important because I don’t use chrome browser for my dashboards, but now the image doesn’t appear in Sharptools in the browser whereas it did before. Any idea why?

I would check the troubleshooting steps posted in my original Mixed Content link. Newer versions of Chrome will need the workaround linked in that thread.