Writing code for automations

Hi, Brand new to SharpTools and immediately see complex Rules need a lot of scene real estate and can cumbersome to construct. I notice users posting code here instead of said screens. How do you get write code? I’m an ex Webcore user looking for something similar to build complex automations for SmartThings.

Hi @Bob_Gross - welcome to the community and thanks for posting.

Do you have an example screenshot of the code you’re referring to? We recently released the Expressions feature for rules which gives you a code-like interface for writing math and logical expressions. There’s not a feature for writing full rule logic in code though.

On the dashboard side of things, the Custom Tiles feature can be used for writing your own custom tiles in a code editor, but that does not apply to the dashboards.

PS. If you have some example rules you need help converting, feel free to post them! The community is really great at helping out and many other people are in the process of doing the same conversion you are!

I’m guessing when you’ve seen this it’s people writing out their rules for posting purposes rather than posting screen shots of actual rules. Or, as Josh states, maybe snippets of expressions that are used within Rules.

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