What happend to dashboards?

Is it me or is there something going on. I was rearranging my dashboard tiles and there seems to be no logic anymore. There can be tiles on top of each other, spacers doesn’t matter. Basically I’t impossible to get dashboard fixed because dashboard does not recognize some of the tiles being placed already.

Anyone else having this issue at the moment?

Also noticed that clicking right mouse button on dashboard shows same menu as when user is clicking picture on webpage. I have been using touchscreens and two finger tap opens right mouse click menu so that full screen can be easily disabled. Now it shows picture menu when clicking… what is this…

It was probably just me but whan an awful issue that was. I haven’t seen anything like that ever when editing shaprtools dashboard. First spacer tiles went on top of couple of bigger map tiles. Then when dragging spacers away from the wrong place dashboard did not understand at all that there was map tiles and it was replacing tiles from below on top of map tiles. Photos-tile did not have same issue so it was only concerning about those two map tiles that I use.
Managed to fix it by using Iron browser. After that reopened chrome and everything seems to be normal again. I need to start taking backups of my dashboards.

Anyway…chrome browser shows dashboard as a whole page picture and that is weird. I tested it with Iron browser and that is still working the same way as earlier.

Here’s chrome and it does not matter where on the dashboard user presses right mouse button:

Here’s iron:

At the moment I’m seeing this:

Placeholders…like there is nothing in it. Also supertiles are missing all devices…


EDIT: this started when I updated devices from hubitat side (Sharptools app). There was no locations anymore after that. I had to reauthorize hubitat from Sharptools side to get hubitat devices back.

And just to continue my monolog…
Here’s once again the issue I noticed couple of hours ago:

For some reason map tile is not recognized anymore and that’s why all other tiles are ignoring it. That’s why I’m wondering that something weird is going on and I’m a bit of afraid that something is going to badly break soon. Most likely this issue happens because chrome browser sees dashboard as a picture element. It doesn’t sometimes understand that there is tiles and there is certain places where they should be.

In the screenshot with the question marks and “No locations authorized” it looks like the network connection was (partially?) failing.

What browser plugins are being used in Chrome? You mentioned that it was working fine in Iron browser – does that have any plugins?

Does this happen on any dashboards without the map tile (which I assume is a custom tile of some sort)?

That happened right after I updated hubitat sharptools app’s devices → pressed save. I haven’t noticed any hickups with my network though.

I tested with two pc’s. Other has ublock and super simple auto refresh. Other has ublock. Nothing else.
With third pc with iron browser I have ublock.

Chrome was updated week ago (?). After that I noticed dashboard showing like one big picture. My chrome version is: Versio 99.0.4844.51

Not sure. I haven’t tested.
Map tile is this: Life360 Live Map

It seems to be map tile problem only. I can be as creative as I want. Other tile at the background, couple of smaller tiles on top of the map tile and news tile there too…

I also experienced some wonky behavior after adding new devices within the Hubitat SharpTools app. Re-authorizing via the “Manage Connections” button fixed it.

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I’m still wondering if there is something weird piling up and we are waiting for it to explode. Today dashboard showed completely wrong status about few sensors. On hubitat side sensor status was normal but dashboard showed few sensors as open even though they haven’t been opened in last week. Also one virtual switch was not able to be turned off or on. When ever I pressed it showed small triangle and status did not change.

I started with hubitat reboot of course but soon noticed that once again I need to refresh “connection” from sharptools side. After refresh all sensors started to show right status and at the moment everything is working again.
Are you guys sure that these are not warning signs about something bigger? My home network is solid and everything else works just normally. These weird Sharptools issues are the only thing that now bothers me. If it is just me then I guess forget about it but if someone else is seeing same behavior it would be nice to know.

I haven’t seen any other reports of this, but I agree that something seems wonky. I’m wondering if these symptoms might point to something on the hub itself getting bogged down. Can you think of any recent changes on the hub within the past few weeks? Configurations, version updates, app/driver changes, etc?

It could be that hub is doing something weird but there’s no clear evidence of it. Log is clean and database size is normal. Those two are usually things that points that something is wrong.

Last couple of days there has been 0 problems with SharpTools so this is difficult to investigate.

Also I would like to correct my writings about chrome and tile problems. It definitely happens only with chrome but the life360 map tile is not the problem. Problem is Chrome and custom tile that I used from here:

Not sure if there is something in the code which is not okay for the chrome at the moment. Like I said problem started and chrome was updated at the same time. After that Chrome started showing dashboard as a one full page photo and I guess that is the moment when problem with the tile started too. I can always edit dashboard with different browser but at least I know now that latest chrome version and custom tile does not get along.

I should have mentioned that it sounded like a few distinct/separate issues being described. Glad to hear that the status / control issues have subsided – that’s what I was thinking could be related to hub or even network changes.

For the issue in Chrome, I agree that it’s likely something on the dashboard side since that’s all client side. Are you able to create a minimal reproducible example - for example, maybe just the custom tile and one other regular tile? If I can figure out how reproduce it, I would be happy to take a look.

OK, so I created new dashboard and it is as minimal as it can be and the problem is there too :slight_smile:
How do we proceed. Dashboard name is “Problem”.

Can you send a PM to @support with the ID of the dashboard? Just to be clear, the reproducible problem you’re referring to is the tiles getting shifted when editing, right?

PM’d you.
Problem is this:

Just wanted to post an update that @JiiPee and I started the troubleshooting process over PM and the issue with tiles shifting / overlapping stopped occurring. Like taking your car to a mechanic as another community member put it! :stuck_out_tongue:

A few other people have experienced tiles shifting when saving (which may be a different issue), but we have not been able to consistently reproduce it on our side. If you’re experiencing any of these type of issues, please send a note to support@sharptools.io with relevant details about your configuration, editing device (OS, screen resolution, etc), and an ID of a dashboard ideally with a minimal reproducible example. :slight_smile:

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