Weather from API and build rules around it

Hi All,
I currently have many thermostats controlling the heating in my house and since i started using Sharptools it has transformed the way i think about automation!

Now the next step is attaining weather from an online source that would include the usual - weather conditions(rainy,sunny,overcast etc) + wind speed & direction + temperature.

i dont see an obvious way to add this as a trigger - can anyone help as i am new to Sharptools but so far extremely impressed with everything

Thanks !

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Hey Frank!

Here is a rule that will set a bunch of variables that might get you what you are looking for. You would need an Open Weather Account. It is triggered every 10 minutes by a variable changing true/false.

Excellent - thank you

I am finding it difficult to read, do you have this in a guide or maybe can it be exported into a more readable version


This one?

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There’s also the original thread about it here which has lots of tips and comments from other people who have used the API:

:link: Rules and Expressions with Open Weather API - #8 by JKB121

Most of the examples in that thread are using the OneCall 3.0 API which is documented here:

As noted in the document, you would need to sign-up for an OpenWeather account and wait a few hours for your API Key to become active, then use the URL format @JKB121 showed in his screenshots within an HTTP Action in your rule:{lat}&lon={lon}&appid={API key}

I would also note that you might find it easier to Download the large screenshots by tapping the link below the image after opening the image preview:

Edit: Oh, and there’s also a neat thread about using Chat GPT along with the aforementioned weather API to get some neat AI generated summaries: Open Weather API (and Chat GPT)


I’ve never worked thru an API. I’ll give it a try.

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Exactly the thing I was looking for. Will give it a try. Thanks a lot