Weather Data Integration - USA

Since the Edge transition in Smartthings, they no longer provide weather info. I used to use this to drive multiple Webcore automations in smartthings that still need to work. Some examples are:

Example 1: If the conditions are snowing, turn on the heat mat on the front steps.

Example 2: If the outside temperature is below 40F and the interior humidity is below 40% then turn on the humidifier.

I’d like to use Sharptools rules engine to drive this now. Is there a way to pull in the data (temperature and conditions primarily) to use in the Rules Engine. I see lots of weather pretty pictures, but that is not what I need. I need the underlying data.

Check out this post which summarizes an approach several community members are using to grab weather data from Open Weather map so they can get access to detailed weather information. It also links into a thread where people have demo’ed various approaches including expressions for some more advanced weather data.

:cloud: Weather from API and build rules around it - #5 by josh