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I would like to be able to have my Fire tablet announce selected state changes under specific conditions. For example, if a door is opened, have the tablet(s) announce: “Front door open”… Is there any known way to accomplish this?

Hi @nbunn221, you can use Fully Kiosk Browser on the Fire tablet, and use the community developed Fully Kiosk Browser device handler to bring it to your SmartThings/Hubitat platform, and then you can create a rule like the screenshot below to achieve this.

Be sure to install the Fully Kiosk Browser APK for Fire OS specifically.

Great! However, my tablet does not appear in the device list. How do I make that happen?

The SharpTools Rule Engine device list?

After you’ve added the Fully Kiosk Browser device to your hub, make sure to authorize it by going through the authorization process again from your SharpTools.io User Page.

I have the device in place, created the rule and added it to the dashboard. However,nothing seems to happen. Is there a way to see if a rule is being executed and the result?

The rule is working, but the tablet is silent.

That sounds like the device handler is having issue connecting to the Fully Kiosk Brower. Have you complete the device’s setup after install the device handler? Here are some troubleshooting steps you can try:

  1. Visit the Fully’s Remote Admin page. Ex: and see if you can issue the command from there.
  2. In the SmartThings app, go to this tablet device you created and tap the “Find Sensor” button to see if the tablet plays any sound.

The IP address of the tablet is not responding. Yes, I verified it. :wink:

There is no sound when I try to find the sensor, either.

Can you share a screenshot of your Fully Kiosk Settings → Remote Administration screen?

Per the Device Driver Installation Instructions, the following settings need to be enabled:

  • Enable Remote Administration
  • Remote Admin Password (needs to have a value set)
  • Remote Admin from Local Network

In the screenshot above, I am able to access the Remote Admin webpage if I open a browser and navigate to:

Thanks. I have enabled remote admin and see the following:

Fully Info

Fully Device ID xxxxxxx
Start URL SharpTools App Load it [Load other URL](javascript:askAndLoadUrl():wink:
Current page SharpTools App [Screenshot](javascript:toggleImage(’?cmd=getScreenshot’):wink:
Maintenance mode off Lock for maintenance
Kiosk mode off
Motion detection off
Acoustic detection off
Movement detection off
Device admin on
Last App Start 11/28/20 5:44:59 PM Restart App
Active fragment screensaver Back
Fully version 1.32.3-fire [Install APK file](javascript:askAndLoadApk():wink:
Webview UA Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 9; KFMAWI Build/PS7316; wv)…
App Code/Data/Cache ?/?/? KB Clear webstorage Clear cache Clear cookies
App RAM (used/free) 8600/384615 KB

Device Info

Device Name Fire Tablet
Hostname 192.168.x.x
IP4 Address 192.168.x,x
IP6 Address xxx
Mac Address xxx
Wifi SSID “xxx”
Location xxx,yyy 0.0m (network) Google Maps
Battery level 100% (plugged)
Screen brightness 63
Screen status on Turn off
Keyguard locked off
Full wakelock on
Partial wakelock off
Foreground app de.ozerov.fully
Total RAM (used/free) 1385980/448648 KB [Load ZIP file](javascript:askAndLoadZip():wink:
Screen 1920x1200 px
Android version 9 (SDK 28)
Webview version 75.0.3770.143
Device Type KFMAWI (Amazon)
Serial unknown
Android ID xxx

I think I have found my issue. Apparently, I have reading problem. :wink:

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Because you are using a fire tablet would it not be a simple fix to use Alexa to announce your door is open?

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