Using Sharptools as a device for Hubitat's Push Notifications

I am using the “device monitor” feature in Hubitat to make sure my sump pumps have power. If the device that the sump is plugged into does not report in for a specified time, I know they have lost power. I have been using Twilio to forward alerts to if they lose power, but I think I should also be able to do this without it. My requirement is to not have to use an app to receive the alert (so no native HE client, no pushover, etc).

I know that ST can send emails/texts, and I want to use that to send my notification through. Is there a way to have it show up as a “target” to send the alert through? If so, how would I do that? Essentially, I would like to replace “Twilio” below with SharpTools, and have it send the notification through there.

You can get Hubitat to send notifications to your phone and to sharptools dashboard.

Get Hubitat push notifications on dashboard, easy - (web) - SharpTools Community

hi, Kampto - thank you for your reply! I am not understanding how this will address my need (and this very well may be my lack of understanding… :wink:

I want to send an alert from Hubitat’s “Device Monitor” service to ST, and have ST send that alert out as a text message. I also do not want to have to use an app on the receiving (mobile device) end. If I am looking at it correctly, the solution you reference still requires the app to be installed on the mobile device, is that correct?

Is that a community developed app? Are you perhaps referring to the Device Monitor app by Eric Maycock?

Hubitat/Apps/device-monitor.src/device-monitor.groovy at master · erocm123/Hubitat · GitHub

No, if you’re using the app mentioned above, it expects a device with the notification capability. In theory, you could use a virtual device to relay the information to SharpTools. You would need some sort of device with the notification capability for it to be used natively with this app though.

Why? If you already have Twilio setup and it’s working well, why change it?

oh, yes, sorry - its been so long i forgot the device monitoring was not native - it is the one from Eric :slight_smile:

I know I can make a virtual device and have the device monitor turn it on/off, which would trigger ST sending a message - what I was hoping to get was the ability to pass the variable to it so that I don’t have to have one device per message. Essentially, I would like the ability to pass a string to ST and have it use that string when sending a notification via text (or email)

Why replace Twilio? It is working correctly, however I have embarked on a cost-savings effort for my home automation setup, and I think this is one of the things that can be replaced. Admittedly, it’s not a high cost, but if I am already paying for a service that can do it (ST), why pay for two?

Thanks for any help - I appreciate it!