Get Hubitat push notifications on dashboard, easy

Just wanted to share this easy way to get all latest Hub phone push notifications on your dashboard. They can come from the Hubitat notifications app which you can customize to link to anything or from Hubitat safety monitor or any app that can send push notifications to your phone.
If you have the Hubitat phone app a mobile phone device should show up on you Device list. You will need to add this mobile phone device to the SharpTools app device list in Hubitat. It has 2 attributes, Presence and Notification texts. The app doesn’t need to be running on the phone for this to work. I have iOS, assuming same for Android. You can even send a custom notification if you open the device on hub and type it in and push device notification button


On edit Dashboard Add the Phone device tile under add Thing. Change layout to Hero attribute. Edit tile, change primary attribute to NotificationsText. Change tile dimensions and style and wrap text. Done.


This was cool tip. Thanks @kampto, you are today’s MVP. :slight_smile:
I created new virtual mobile app device for Hubitat and then added “send device notification” to all those webcore pistons that I want to notify virtual mobile app. Now I have cool notification tile in my every dashboard with $time24 so that time is included to notification… “Washing machine is done at 5.42pm”

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Good idea on the Virtual Mobile device. This way you could create several different notification tiles each targeted by specific notifications. :+1:

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This works well except that I cannot seem to change the style of the underlying THING tile once added to my dashboard. It always defaults to a black tile w/white text regardless of the style color I use. Any suggestions on a fix?
Mobile device is iPhone/iOS

Can you share a screenshot of the style settings for the tile? Don’t forget that the condition for the style needs to match for it to be applied.

In my case - what “condition” would I be looking for an incoming message coming from a Hubitat Notification (text)?

Yes, A “notification” text from any one of the places it can be sent from Hubitat.

Like this Notification I set up on Hubitat to send my phone if garage gets closed or opened. I added my phone as a “Thing” on the dashboard with the Attribute set to notification.

When you set up the styles on a Hero Attribute Tile, you have to define state mappings.

If the value for the attribute is always going to be set to something (not empty), you could just add a single blank condition with a ‘not equals’ operator (!=).

If the attribute value can be blank too, you could either use a placeholder target value that would never match or create a second state mapping that also matches ‘equals’ blank (==).

That did the trick Josh (assign Operator a value of !=)
thank you!

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Hey All,
Thanks for the idea for this - I’ve been meaning to figure out how to create an ‘Active Alerts’ tile for a while.
I’d been hoping to make a tile that would flash a different colour and/or indicate any active alarms:

  • An open door, a wet water sensor, motion when HSM is alarmed, etc.

This seems like a good ‘easy’ way to get the base functionality that I was after.

One piece I don’t understand though - how do you guys get the tile to clear when the alert is resolved? you just set Habitat to send a blank Notification when the condition in question is addressed?

My notifications just stay there till the next one comes and over writes it.