Using Media Tile from ActionTiles

I used to use ActionTiles but moved over to Sharptools due to its multiple system compatibility.
In AT I had a number of Media Tiles that were generated using their media tile generator, that up until recently worked fine in Sharptools.

An example of one of the tiles is as below, it works fine in Chrome and any web browser but doesn’t work anymore in sharptools.

One of them is

Hi Phil-
I’d recommend using a weather image sourced from a neutral third party. You can find suggestions in the following help article:

Thanks Josh,
I have struggled for ages trying to find anything decent in the UK. Loads of options for US!

How about something like the following:


That looks great… I’m sure I tried but could only find US locations, I must have been looking in the wrong place

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I’ve found that can be a bit quirky searching for UK locations - a bit Ironic considering they are based out of that side of the Atlantic! I found that searching for City, UK tends to work well though even that sometimes doesn’t return any results. Searching for Worcester or even Worcester, United Kingdom or other variations doesn’t work well. Otherwise, adding the state/region/county sometimes can help:



Nice one, works really well!
Thanks for the response and guidance here…