Update the "things" list from SmartThings

I just added a new device in SmartThings. How do I force SharpTools to update the list it pulls from SmartThings? Is there a refresh option somewhere?

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@Matt_Green, you will need to authorize the new device to SharpTools by tapping “Manage Connections” in the user page. Select SmartThings, find the new device in the list, check box next to it, and hit “authorize” at the bottom.

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There needs to be a way to force SharpTools web version to look for new devices. I have done all the steps to add a new sensor, but it still hasn;t shown up when I go to create a rule. And yes, it shows in the SharpTools list in my Smartthings App.

I know I can wait for several hours and it will show up as I have done that before. But there should be a way to manually ask it to refresh.


Thanks for posting @Jackie_Cornell - can you clarify what you mean?

If you complete the authorization from your SharpTools.io User Page → Manage Connections, it will immediately update the list of devices as it completes the synchronization.

Similarly, if you update the list of authorizations directly in the SmartThings mobile app, it pushes an event over to SharpTools and the list of devices should be updated fairly immediately as well.

Here’s a video showing a change of device authorizations from my phone and how quickly those devices sync over to SharpTools. It’s within ~5 seconds in my demo, but might take longer with a larger list of device authorizations. Certainly shouldn’t be several hours - if it’s taking a long time, feel free to reach out to support@sharptools.io and we would be happy to help troubleshoot.

Thanks for your quick reply. The problem was likely on my end. Seem to be having some router issues today.

Thanks again.

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This was for the LEGACY SmartThings Groovy connection. Closing this topic since this approach with a SmartApp is no longer valid.

You should be able to proceed through the authorization flow starting from your SharpTools User Page → Manage Connections to reauthorize and update your device list now.