Unable to keep Dashboard on full screen mode

Hi there, I have recently started using Sharptools for my Hubitat dashboards and I am having trouble with the full screen mode. I have it on a Samsung Galaxy A7 tablet running on Google Chrome so when the Screen Saver kicks in and I double tap on the screen to be able to see the Dashboard then it defaults back to the normal view rather than staying on full screen mode which was the state I left it in before. I have had a look at the google Chrome settings but I couldn’t find anything relevant.

Please can you assist? I need to be able to have the dashboard stay permanently on full screen mode.

As well, is there a way of activating/deactivating the screen using the tablet’s camera as a motion sensor? I heard that other platforms offer this feature.

I also have a Ring doorbell, can this be integrated into the dashboard?

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting. It looks like this may be related to the ticket we received where it seems like our replies weren’t getting delivered to you. As such, I’m including the original reply to that ticket:

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