Turn Samsung TV On

Hi all, my first post here and I’m only just getting into the whole automation thing. I have connected SharpTools to SmartThings via my Samsung Phone and have it successfully doing a few things via AutoVoice and Tasker. The one thing I cannot do is power the TV on. Its a Samsung Series 8 TV, it powers on via the SmartThings app on my phone either by asking Bixby or opening the remote for my TV in the app and pressing on power button. So I know its possible, but is there any way this can be done via SharpTools?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Does the TV show up as a device you can authorize in SharpTools? If so, can you share a copy of the device details:

  1. Navigate to your User Page
  2. Tap the ... next to your desired location
  3. Tap the desired device
  4. Take a screenshot of the page and paste it here

(Alternatively, since you’re a SharpTools for Android user, you can go to Settings → Support → Send Things in the Android app to send a copy of your things to the support email address)

I vaguely recall that some of the new Samsung TVs were being integrated as part of the ‘new’ Samsung SmartThings app, but were not accessible from the SmartThings Classic app. Have you tried the SmartThings Classic app and can you control the TV from there?

Thanks Josh, I’ve sent those details to you, so hopefully that helps. I haven’t tried going back to the Classic App, so I’ll try that tonight and report back results. I can vaguely recall not being able to switch the TV on with the old app though, I think there was some sort of power on via Bluetooth or LAN/Wi-Fi that was implemented in the newest version, but I could be wrong…

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Thanks for sharing the device details via PM. This does look like one of the newer Samsung SmartThings devices as it appears to have the more generic execute and ocf capabilties defined.

I didn’t see any attributes specific to the Video Input nor methods specific to the video input, but you might be on to something in the other thread with the execute() and postOcfCommand() commands. These seem to be generic methods to execute generic actions, but they aren’t well documented.

Have you poked around the SmartThings forums to see if there’s any additional info or other users have figured out what these do?

Again, SharpTools is just pulling down the commands that the device says it has, so we didn’t specifically code those methods. :grinning: