Tile positions on save

Constructing a new HUBITAT dashboard for my phone. Four tiles wide. There are 28 tiles. All 1X1. Working on my PC to arrange them the way I want them to appear. Difficult to drag tile to the position I want without other tiles moving to places I don’t want them. When I finally get them where I want them and SAVE a good portion of the dashboard rearranges itself. This seems so basic that I must be missing something or doing something wrong. So far have not found solution with Search. Can someone point me in the right direction?


"We’ve had rare reports of this, but haven’t been able to reproduce it. If you want to share some more details about your setup (OS, Browser, etc), we would be interested in trying to reproduce it so we can identify what’s happening.

Feel free to PM @support if you’re more comfortable sharing details that way."

So send pm to support so that Sharptools could see what causes it.

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