Tile Placement in dashboard

Im sure this isnt possible but thought Id ask…

Is there any way to simply place a tile wherever I want on the dashboard?

So i have created this floor plan and I would like to place the tile over the actual light on the media tile created.

The only way I can seem to do this is to fill the board with blank spacer tiles and then adding the lights.

This works to a degree but I cant get the every light placed exactly where I want it.

any ideas?


You could use a Super Tile which gives you full control over the layout of items within the tile.

In theory, you could even just have a single Super Tile on your dashboard that fills up the full height and width of the dashboard as the Super Tiles scale up and down based on the relative position of items within them.

You could add your floorplan as a ‘static icon’ and make it the lowermost layer, then add whatever elements you want on top of that.

Hi Josh, this was really sound advice, thankyou…

I’d say I’ve got it about 90% the way I’d like now…

2 quick questions…

  1. I have a main dashbaord and when you click the picture it loads the downstairs supertile I created as you advised.

Do supertiles take a second to “load” as I get the pic attached flash up first

  1. The white “switches” on the pic below…am I right in saying there’s way to alternate their style states, eg white when off yellow when pressed on?

I can’t seem to get that bit to work

Thanks again

Yes, that’s basically just a loading placeholder and will also show if the Super Tile doesn’t exist anymore… though we perhaps consider having a separate loading indicator.

You can alternate which icon is shown, but you can’t currently style the individual items within a super tile. Some people have chosen to upload their own icons and use those for the different states. For example, a generic top-down view of a lamp that’s off and another top-down view of a lamp that is glowing.

There’s a feature request for styling the individual parts of a Super Tile that you might want to cast a vote on and comment with your use-case to bump the thread here:

:white_check_mark: Add ability to style individual parts of a super tile

Thanks again Josh,

It’s a shame the ? cant be replaced with a blank screen or even a loading message :slight_smile:

Im intrigued by what you said about the lamp glowing, would anyone have any ideas hoe to do this? or could you any more? I know its possible in HA but dont really want to go that route - i have a life :smile:

thanks again

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