Add ability to style individual parts of a super tile

It would be great if when creating a super tile that is based on multiple things if you could style the individual parts of the super tile rather than only being able to style the tile as a whole.
For example, I have a super tile that is made up of 4 presence sensors that each represent a member of my family and whether they are home or not. At the moment I can assign a different icon to each individual presence sensor to represent whether they are home or not but I can’t choose a color to highlight it.
The great thing for me about super tiles is the ability to save valuable dashboard space and be able to create composite tiles like this. Would be nice to be able to add some color :slight_smile:


Just giving this request a bump since @Mark_Britton asked about it in his thread.

Would you expect that Styles applied to an individual item in a Super Tile would override any base styles applied generically to the tile? It seems like since they are more ‘specific’, that would make sense.

(eg. Tile Item > Tile > Dashboard Theme)

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Agreed. Either way I cast my vote as I agree to the similar feature request - all in the name of conserving dashboard real estate via adding/applying dynamic elements independently within a given Super Tile.

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Make sure to scroll up and tap the ‘Vote’ button beneath the request title to actually cast a vote. :slight_smile:

Is this gaining any traction? It would be a great help!

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+1 to this. Individual icon customization (e.g. Glow effect) is critical to super Super Tiles. For e.g. need to know whether a particular sensor / light within a room is on/off - without having to change the icon type.