Thermostat State Tile

I’d like to have a tile that shows the state of a thermostat, specifically an icon than changes depending on the state (heating, cooling, fan only or off).

I’ve messed around with the thermostat tile and although its extremely flexible, I haven’t found a way to do this. The closest I’ve been able to get is to change the layout to a hero tile and set the primary parameter to ThemostatOperatingState, but obviously that gives me text, rather than an icon. I know there are other tiles with state dependent variables (blinds open and closed, fans spinning etc.) but I don’t see one for thermostats unless I missed something.

Any suggestions?

I am using style changes for the state of my thermostat- just a simple indicator of what the set temp is, with 68 or higher as red, and under 68 in blue. Thermo_State

Thanks for the suggestion Ned. That really shows what the thermostat “should” be doing, rather than necessarily what it is doing, and would not capture the “fan only” state.

However, something very much like this, but keyed off the ThermostatOperatingState with the style determined by the value would be perfect!

You might want to cast a vote on the Style/Icon State Mapping for Custom Attributes feature request which I think would most directly cover what you’re looking for.

I would also note that the Thermostat Tile has native support for changing the background color of the tile to reflect whether the device is actively heating or cooling the house:


It’s based on the thermostatOperatingState and changes to red when the value is ‘heating’ and to blue when the value is ‘cooling’.

The icon is based on the thermostatMode with heat=fire, cool=snowflake, off=power-off, otherwise it uses a default thermometer icon.

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We heat with hot water so there is no fan only mode for us. We are about to replace our aging AC unit with a heat pump, which will have its own integrated controls- so we’ll see how I can bend those to my will. That will also control that zone of the existing heat, which for us is a Navien combo unit that does on-demand DHW and two zones of heat. I have aHoneywell t-stat in our family room for the main floor heat - that is what I have on the dashboard. The one on the second floor is not currently internet enabled. I’m an AV tech- I pull cable all the time. I could not for the life of me pull a new wire to that location to get a C wire. The old wire is stapled somewhere, so I couldn’t use it as a pull string.

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