Color State Mapping for Custom Attributes

Request: It would be great if the Hero Attribute tile could have a State Mapping feature similar to what’s available in the Temperature Sensor tile.

The fully customizable state mapping feature is currently only for Temperature Sensor tiles.


Other tile types like Switch, Contact Sensor, and others with a fixed set of states have a simplified state mapping feature.


Maybe this Color States could be one of the customization selections for the theme/style so it work with all tiles, like “Value Color States”. And with the existing features request for a Color state template. Just a thought, thanks.

Would love to see this and use this!!

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This could help to display variety of things: Status of Alarm states, Home Modes, Status of group of lights, Status of group of Contacts sensors, Status of group of batteries, Status of group of presence sensors, Weather forecast tile…etc for example:
Icon red: Alarm Away, yellow: Alarm Stay, green: Alarm Disarm
Icon red: All doors open, yellow: at least one door open, green: all doors closed
Tomorrow Forecast Icon: red: hot day, green: nice day, light blue: Cold, blue: freeze…