Tasker integration

is there a way to integrate tasker in sharptools.io. I can link command to a hyperlink but it opens up a window that I have to close. is there a way to link it directly to a task or profile.

Thanks for posting. There’s a few different approaches you could take.

AutoTools Tasker Plugin

Local (Same Device)
You can use the Hyperlink tile with the AutoTools Tasker plugin which has a special URL:


Then in Tasker you would create new event profile using Plugin → AutoApps Command and filter it as you see fit (optionally even passing variables in the URL).



Local or Remote (Same Device or Remote Device)
You can use the Pushbullet integration with the SharpTools.io Rule Engine to push a message to the same device you are on or to any device that you have Pushbullet on.

Create the rule in SharpTools.io Rule Engine to send the push message to your desired device. Then add that rule to your dashboard using a Rule Tile. Then in Tasker use Pushbullet’s event plugin to trigger a profile.

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Hi Josh, I am trying to use autotoolscommand://command and even tried autoappscommand://command and none of them trigger autoapps command event on my pixel 3xl and pixel6pro… Do I need to enable anything or set up any permissions? Thank you. Zoran

What browser are you trying to use these in?

Thank you for your reply Josh… I am using Chrome (Version 106.0.5249.119)

I have just tried Firefox Version 106.0.2 and have upgraded Chrome to Version 107.0.5304.88 and still not receiving commands

There’s still a lot of details missing. I personally don’t have Tasker or AutoTools installed anymore, but without seeing how you have things configured in Tasker or exactly what the value of each of those Hyperlink resources are, it will be difficult to help you.

The video at the top of the post briefly shows the configuration that was used on the Tasker side for the demo. Fair warning that it was 3 years ago, so things might have changed with the various Tasker plugins.

No worries Josh, thank you anyway for your involvement. I followed the steps from the video above but it seems there is more to it. By the way I was trying to use sharptools.io to speed up smartthings - ofter it takes up to 5 minutes for a change in smartthings to appear in tasker via sharptool app on my phone (August lock lock/unlock event via smartthings or smartthings phone presence). I think I read somewhere that using sharptools.io receives those updates much faster and I was going to try to activate tasker tasks using autotoolscommand://

I just installed Tasker, AutoTools, and AutoApps again and it worked as expected in Chrome and Fully Kiosk.

Hyperlink Configuration

As shown in the video above, I have a Hyperlink which is configured with the URL set to:


The tile itself is using the default of ‘Open in Same Window’

:information_source: Note that in Fully Kiosk, you would need to enable the Web Content Settings → Open Other URL Schemes.

Tasker Profile

Then over in the Tasker side, I created a new Profile → Event → Plugin → AutoApps and in the configuration, the only thing I changed was the filter to match my URL above (just the last part of it):


Event Driven Alternative (Pushover/Pushbullet)

As alluded to in my initial post above, the hyperlink version of this is really best suited where you have a dashboard and you want to be able to tap on a tile to have it run some action in Tasker.

If you want to be able to react to events changing or have a SharpTools.io rule trigger things in Tasker, pushing the event down with Pushbullet or Pushover would be better.

This post includes instructions on how you can push events down to your phone from a SharpTools.io rule:

Push Events to Tasker From SharpTools.io Rule Using Pushover

Thank you Josh, I will try the pushover approach.