Tasker Integration Not Working?


I rolled out a beta version of SharpTools (3.9) which includes support for the new service integration model available in the Tasker beta 5.1.5b. The new integration uses a model wherein Tasker calls a service on the SharpTools plugin which should bring SharpTools to the foreground and cause Android to temporarily exempt it from Doze Mode and App Standby.

Note that the recommendation is still to whitelist SharpTools and Tasker in battery optimization features. Even when an app is whitelisted, some battery restrictions are still applied to the application if it is not active / in the foreground. Hence the desire to test this approach and see if it improves the situation.


Also make sure to follow the battery optimization suggestions from the Tasker website which includes whitelisting Tasker as well as enabling the Run in Foreground preference.

You’ll need to make sure you are on SharpTools 3.9b and Tasker 5.1.5b in order to use the new feature.

For more details on the SharpTools beta release, check out the release thread.

Edit: The reliability enhancements that come from the new Tasker service integration are targeted to Android 8.x+ devices. I’m also looking at adding an optional foreground service (eg. fixed notification) that you could choose to enable and would help for Android 6.x-7.x if they are experiencing issues from Doze / App Standby.

I’ve implemented the service integration for all Actions in Tasker and I’ll work on adding this for the Event plugins shortly.

3.9 - Tasker and Logging

So far, this has resolved the problems I’ve been having as of late! I have not had a single failure or timeout. I’ve had continuous issues for the last month or so, and Josh has been amazing addressing them!


Beta 4 of the 3.9 series focused on improved Tasker reliability was released. Check out the following post for more details:

SharpTools 3.9 Beta 4 Release Details