3.9 - Tasker and Logging

SharpTools for Android
Version: 3.9 (81)

Major Features:

  • Support for Tasker service integration
  • Prompts for battery whitelisting
  • Optional foreground service
  • Revamped logging system

Tasker Service Integration
The latest release of SharpTools includes support for the new service integration approach available with the latest Tasker beta 5.1.5b. This should improve performance of Tasker actions and reliability with Android 8.0+ devices. Note that the service integration is a beta feature and is only supported with the beta version of Tasker 5.1.5b.

Battery Whitelisting Prompts
This release also includes prompts which guide you through whitelisting SharpTools in Android’s battery optimization features if it is needed. This is targeted for Android 6.x and newer devices which enforce Doze mode and App Standby.

Optional Foreground Service
Additionally, an optional Foreground Service is now available which may improve reliability of Tasker and Widget integrations across devices. If you are having reliability issues after upgrading to Tasker 5.1.5b or newer and enabling the battery whitelisting (if prompted), try enabling the foreground service.

Revamped Logging System
This release also includes a completely revamped logging system which includes the ability to write logs to external storage. This is an improvement over the previous logging system which relied upon Android logging and could be overwritten on busy devices. In order to use the new logging system, be sure to navigate to SharpTools Settings > Support and enable the logging.

Additionally, The following post might also be helpful as a reference:
Tasker Integration Not Working?

You can sign up for the Tasker beta at:

You can sign up for the SharpTools beta by following these instructions:

IMPORTANT: Please ensure you have joined the beta track for each app and ensure that the Android optimizations for each app have been applied per the following article.

The optimizations from the following article must be applied to ensure reliability of Tasker integrations:


Beta 4 was just released to the beta channel and includes the following changes:

  • Prompt for battery whitelisting if needed
    • Recommended for Android 6.x+
    • Triggered if Tasker plugins have been used and the device isn’t already whitelisted
  • Optional foreground service
    • Recommended for Android versions lower than Android 8.x
  • Event plugins offer Tasker Service Integration
    • Includes Thing State, SHM Changed, Mode Changed, and Routine Changed events
    • Improves Tasker event plugin reliability on Android 8.x+
  • Fixed menu overlap issue (on theme or dark mode change)

Beta 5 was just released to the beta channel and includes the following changes:

  • Added a prompt for battery whitelisting when configuring Tasker plugins (via notification)
  • Added battery whitelisting option to Settings menu
  • Added a “Don’t remind me” option to the whitelist dialog
    • If the whitelist dialog is triggered more than 3 times when opening the app, an option to prevent the dialog from displaying becomes available
  • Fixed missing notifications from 3.9 beta releases
  • Lots of internal refactoring and library version bumps

Wanted to follow up, after a week using this beta, I have had ZERO failures or timeouts! Excellent work!

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Awesome! Glad to hear it’s working well.

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