Hubitat support?


Any thoughts of supporting Hubitat?


Not to answer for Josh, but until he responds…

I asked this question a few weeks ago and his answer was, “It’s on my hit list”. I know he has a Hubitat (one of the earlier) and has done some basic porting.

A lot of my Smartthings automations rely on presence and other integrations with my Android phones, all of which depend upon Tasker and SharpTools. So, complete conversion to Hubitat won’t be until SharpTools comes over.


As @Charles_Lacey noted, it’s on my hit list. :smiley:

To be transparent as possible, I’m still working on wrapping up some improvements to reliability of the Tasker integrations thanks to Android’s Doze mode (see details here) and there are a few improvements I want to get rolled out with the web dashboard before I look at other integrations.

My long term vision for is to expand the capability to integrate with more smart home platforms and individual smart devices. Considering that porting apps from SmartThings to Hubitat is relatively straightforward, it’s logical that it would be a decent candidate for the expansion.

I would note that my initial plan for Hubitat would be a cloud based integration (although I’d personally like a local integration at some point).


I’m also interested !!!


The latest platform release actually includes the backend code for Hubitat. We are working with the Hubitat team on official release.

I’ll need to do some work on updating the mobile app to use the new platform integrations, but we are headed in the right direction!