Tasker App and SharpTools Tasker Plugins

Josh, of there a difference between the Android Tasker App and the Tasker Plugin got SharpTools? Specifically, I’m using both a SmartThings and Hubitat hubs and of course, SharpTools. I understand that Tasker currently only works with Android phones, which is what I have. I also have been using the Android standalone Tasker App, independent of either of my hubs, but am looking forward to using Tasker now with SharpTools & SmartThings.

Since I already have the standalone Tasker, would I still need to acquire and install the Tasker Plugin for SharpTools? If yes, woukd I need to aquire a Tasker Plug-in licence for each one of my Android, Windows desktop and laptop devices? Thanks for your guidance.

Yes to the license for access SharpTools in tasker. If you have tasker and SharpTools all linked to the same google play account. You can use that same account across all your android devices and have access to the license.

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Yes, Tasker is an automation app developed by a third party. It’s a very popular app for building automations on Android - lots of neat things like being able to react to various features and events on your phone and automate various tasks on your phone.

The SharpTools Tasker Plugins are basically a bridge between Tasker and SmartThings. Enabling you to control your SmartThings devices from Tasker or read data from your SmartThings devices into Tasker.

As Jake mentioned, the SharpTools Tasker Plugin license is tied to your Google Account via Google Play.

The SharpTools.io platform on the other hand is a single license that works across all of your devices and enables Dashboards and the Rule Engine. The dashboards are web based which means they run in any modern web browser regardless of the device type. The Rule Engine is also accessed and configured from your browser and is a complete automation platform (eg. you can build your triggers, conditions, actions all within the Rule Engine).

Edit: I also just wanted to clarify that the Tasker Plugins are specifically designed for interacting with SmartThings from Tasker. If you’re looking to automate things in SmartThings or Hubitat, I would recommend checking out the SharpTools Rule Engine. The Tasker Plugins are really neat if you have a specific need for integrating with Tasker and events on your phone, otherwise most people find the SharpTools Rule Engine better suited for their needs.

I have a standalone, Android version of Tasker installed. Is this any different than the Tasker Plugin for SharpTools? Would I also need the Tasker Plugin version to use with SharpTools?


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Tasker is a separate app – and a platform for various plugins. “Tasker Plugin for SharpTools” is one of those plugins.