Tado Smart Heating

Guys. Just looking for some advice or if anyone knows and special ways. I run SmartThings and i also use Tado heating. There used to be a Tado handler but i think this only worked on the ST classic app.

Does anyone know if there is anyway to bring Tado under SharpTools platform? I am guessing not as everything prob needs to go via SmartThings in some way?

Just looking for thoughts or ideas?

Thanks in advance

Loving this platform right now. Little learning curve but thats all part of the fun. So just been playing but really happy right now.

I managed to get the Tado SmartThings device handlers working. Its not supported anymore but it still works(for now)

What i have done is create a Virtual Switch in ST and then created an Alexa routine so that when someone says Alexa boost office it sets that Virtual Switch to On.

I then have SharpTools pickup that Virtual Switch is set to on and then then do some stuff. After an hour switch it off and set then Virtual switch back to off.

Ignore the delay of 15 seconds. This is just me testing. It will be an hour.


Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

PS. You can use the rule screenshot feature to make it easier to share screenshots of long rules!

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Thanks for the tip on the screenshot