Suppressing Rules after execution for a short time

I am fairly new to Sharp Tools and have no coding background, but love tinkering with my smart home at the cost of my family’s sanity when I experiment.

I currently have my house put on a show when someone approaches my front door using a rule with a trigger from a front door sensor. Is there any way to suppress repeating the trigger for about an hour until my little “show” ends?

The Amazon Alexa app has a feature like this in its “Routines” section, but I would like to see if I can utilize such a feature using Sharptools.

Any assistance would be most appreciated.


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Hey @Mark_Montemayor - welcome to the community! Glad to hear you are enjoying tinkering with your smart home along with SharpTools!

Check out the following post by @James which shows how to use a Virtual Switch to prevent how often a rule will run:

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Thank you so much for the insight, Josh.

I am having trouble understanding how I can create a Virtual Switch. It looks like I create something in my Smartthings Classic App like a true switch and use that as the determining factor for a condition.

My only problem is: how do I create a virtual switch without having to purchase another individual device?

Thanks, Josh.

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The following post from the SmartThings community explains how to create a virtual switch:

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Thanks so much, Josh.

I successfully created the virtual switch and added it to my rules. Let’s see how it goes.

Thanks again!