Super Tile Icon spin animation shifts everything down

Making a Super tile with a few label items and thing icons.
When propeller icon on top right goes to animate rotate (pump on) it shifts every down in the tile.

Animation off, propeller icon static (pump off)

Animation on, propeller rotating (pump on)

I tried moving the propeller around and changing to very small size, no difference, still everything shifts down. Any ideas to lock things in place, not shift down?
Ha! Yes the other icons are rotating too which I don’t want but that’s different deal.

UPDATE: For testing purposes, If I pulse animate instead of spin/rotate it does not shift down

Can you please try reproducing this on a dashboard without a Theme applied at all? I want to rule out any potential Custom CSS and Theme / Style related features as a first step.

I’ve tried applying a similar style to a Super Tile with a Spin animation or Rotate animation and I’m not able to reproduce:

styled/animated left, normal right

Indeed, it was some CSS I had set up for that style in the dashboard theme. That problem is now fixed by removing that line of CSS! Thanks…

Now, one more question, the ‘style’ spins all icons in the tile but I only want it to spin that propeller one. I don’t think there’s a way to do that correct?

That’s right, Tile Styles are applied to the whole tile.

There’s a feature request open for Ability to Style Individual Parts of Super Tile if you want to cast a vote.

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