Sunrise Lights (2 Questions/Issues)

Several months ago, I set up a rule that turn on several lamps starting at a specified time over a 15-minute span. It worked for months. I disabled it prior to the holidays, and just enabled it last night. When it executed this morning, it seemed to work fine, but began to loop. After it got to 100% (or what seemed like 100%), it seemed to start over.

  1. Any ideas what would cause it to loop or start over?

  2. On a related note, once an automation like the starts, how can you stop or interrupt it? My wife sometimes wants to stop it, but even though she executed a command (like lights 100% or lights off) on the lights, the automation picks right back up and takes over the lighting levels. Even if I log into the Sharptools interface and disable the rule, it continues to execute until complete.

Hi @Casey_Stanley, can you send us a note to with the URL to the rule, and I’d be happy to investigate what caused the looping.

The fade_level command currently doesn’t support the exit condition to stop the fading process, but I’d encourage you to vote the following open request to help us prioritize our tasks. (Tap “vote” at left top to cast your vote.)

I went ahead and voted . . . and will go ahead and send the url, as requested. Thank you.

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