Ability to Stop Fade Level Macro Once Started

Is there a way to STOP a macro once it has started? Since SmartThings doesn’t have Gentle Wake Up in the new app, I was going to see if this would fill the gap. Gentle Wake Up allowed you to cancel the process by turning the light off. I don’t see a way to do that w/ SharpTools. If my light starts to come on in the morning, but I’m not getting up at the normal time for some reason, I need to be able to turn the light off and have it stay off.

Hi @Scott_Hughes, welcome to the community. Fade_level macro doesn’t support the exit condition at this point, but it is indeed in my list, so you feedback is import to us. I will need to think about what should be included in the exit condition support, so please let me know if you have a different exit scenario then checking the fading device’s specific attribute, such as switch, status. Thanks.

Good to know it’s being looked at. As far as scenarios, I know the old SmartThings app had more options, but the only use case I had is that sunrise simulation. I don’t get up at the same time every day, so I actually had a routine that ran on my phone using AutoMagic (RIP) which would inspect my upcoming alarms, and start the Gentle Wake process a few minutes before my alarm went off. It was a great setup, but if I forgot that my wife was not going to work that day, I needed a way to cancel the process. Just turning it off was the obvious solution and was fortunately accommodated in the SmartApp.

I imagine there will be someone who would want to tie it to some other trigger, but I can’t think of anything else I would do. I heard someone recently who had triggers based on opening/closing his bedroom door. Same case w/ motion sensors, could be when a sensor in the bathroom detects motion, you cancel the macro? I would think a switch trigger would get you 99% of the way there for just about any scenario, even if things like closure devices & motion sensors would need to be coded for separately - it would be easy enough to create a virtual switch and a separate rule to say [if motion detected, then toggle VSwitch] or something like that.


Hey @Scott_Hughes - I moved this post into the Feature Requests category so other users can vote to show their interest and comment to add their feedback. Be sure to scroll up to the first post and cast your vote so your interest in counted!

Hi, just checking in to see if this has moved any on the to-do list. I’m looking at getting my morning lights routine working again, and can’t use the fade up without a cancel ability without causing marital trouble. :slight_smile: Thanks.

I don’t have any update for this item yet, though we actually mentioned this one during our internal discussion early this week. Let’s see if we can some more votes to bump it up in the priority list.

If you’re in a ST region that supports Labs (US for sure) they have the gentle wake up there.

Open SmartThings app > m
Menu (in bottom right) > Labs > Gentle Wake Up

The Labs > Gentle wake-up feature is a step in the right direction, but it’s far too rigid. It uses a set wake-up time. I use Tasker to kick off the wake-up routine based on the alarm time on my phone that changes day to day (here’s the old ver that used Automagic which sadly is now defunct: [HOW TO] Gentle Wake Up Triggered by Android Alarm (with Automagic & SharpTools) - Projects & Stories - SmartThings Community). AFAIK, with the Gentle wake-up feature, I would have to manually go into the ST app every night and update the wakeup time based on when I’m getting up the follow morning. That’s not a viable solution for me.

And even if I could automate when Gentle wake-up started, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have a way to cancel the process in the middle either. (the original ver in the old ST app did allow you to cancel the process by turning the light off)

I just went and actually looked at the details of it. You are correct that it missing functionality from the previous app and is basically useless! Sorry.