Sticky notes and shopping list

Hi Gang,
I am very new in sharptools and wondering if anybody got idea about how to add sticky notes and a shopping list in the dashboard?

I really like the just announced echo show 15 dashboard. See the attached screenshot.

Appreciate any idea about adding a sticky notes and a shopping list like the screenshot.

Thanks in advance

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting!

Do you already use something for tracking your shopping list? And if so, do you know if they have an API available? Unfortunately while both Amazon and Google have excellent support for shopping lists via their voice assistants, they are a ‘walled garden’ and don’t provide API access to get that data out.

On the other hand, purpose built ‘list’ apps like Todoist provide APIs that could be used for integrating them. Here’s a relevant feature request for a Todoist integration.

Thanks for quick reply. So much appreciated.

I usually use Google calendar task list.

Any suggestions for sticky notes?

The Weather Widgets custom tile collection by @Michael has a sticky note tile.

Edit: My apologies. Upon closer review, it looks like the sticky note displays the weather in a user-friendly format, but it’s not a traditional note to edit and share with family.

Anyone in the community want to take a stab at a sticky note custom tile? :wink:

Here’s a quick example using a Text Variable and some CSS

How To:

  • Create a Text variable
  • Create a Theme and Add a Style with the follow Custom CSS
.tile.--theme-style-your-style-name {box-shadow: 5px 5px 7px rgba(33,33,33,.7); transform: rotate(-10deg); font-family: cursive; color: #000 !important; background: #ffc !important; z-index: 1;}
.tile.--theme-style-your-style-name .main-content {font-size: 1.3em !important;}

Note: Replace your-style-name with the name you created

  • Configure the Dashboard and select the Custom Theme
  • Add the Variable to your dashboard, edit the tile, check the Style box > click Style States > Add State > select the != Operator from the dropdown and leave the Target field blank (null). Click Style and select your custom css (post-it note) and click Done > Save
  • Save Dashboard

Tap the Variable on the dashboard and enter your message/note
Note: Be sure the ‘Tap’ Action is set to ‘Show Value Prompt’

Edit the CSS to fit your preferences:

Post-it Note Angle: (transform: rotate)
Post-it Note Color: (background)
Text Color: (color)
Text Size: (font-size)


I’m interested in using an Echo Show 15 with SharpTools dashboards. Is there reason to suspect I’ll have any problems using this device?

I’ve send a note to the Fully Folks to see if they have a compatible browser for it, but no reply yet.

The Echo Devices generally don’t have always-on browsers or support for ‘apps’. :frowning:

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Thanks. I should have figured that out… They’re not just Android-like tablets.

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I have Show 15. 90% of SharpTools stuff works on the built-in Silk browser. (haven’t figured out allowing mixed-mode content). As @josh noted, the downside is that Show devices always return to the home screen after a couple of minutes. As a workaround, you can tell Alex to “Open Silk” as you approach the device to bring SharpTools back. It’s not ideal but it functions.


Please let us know if you - or Amazon - ever find a way to prevent the return to home screen!


Show 15 is on sale today (Oct. 11) for US$170.

I’ve just got the Show 8 2nd gen and would love to have the ability to see my cctv. As you say there’s no mixed-mode content settings. I’ll be following this thread in hopes they do something.

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Likewise. I nabbed one yesterday and I’m currently evaluating it. The forced return to home screen may be a deal breaker for me. Also, I currently have all my dashboards configured for a tablet screen ratio. The Echo 15 is 16:9 ratio and doesn’t sit well with my current dashboards (and I don’t feel like creating alternate versions just for the Echo).

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I’ve found the show mode annoying and don’t care too much for the limited capabilities on the device so I’m going to look into side loading fully kiosk like I did on the fire tablet. The only reason I kept it in show mode was to get video calls but I’ve found I’m able to do it without show mode.

Works great !!
few improvement that may be added:

  1. There is no way to add few lines. pressing ENTER or other ENTER combination (shift, alt ,cntrl etc) is not working …
  2. RTL support (for Hebrew speaking users) is not working . e.g. I’m getting question mark in a beginning of a line instead end line .

@josh at the past you fixed the RSS news for RTL, can this be apply to other items ?